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Doctors Treat a Fatal Condition Using Magnets to “Pull” Bacteria From Blood

  • Scientists are battling blood poisoning using magnets by coating antibodies that attach to bacteria in iron and sifting the bacteria away from otherwise healthy cells.
  • With antibiotic resistance becoming a global problem, this allows for a novel means of treating infection without the worry of bacteria developing immunity.


Contract sepsis, and you’re almost as likely to end up six feet under as you are back on your feet again. This often fatal condition also known as “blood poisoning” is usually caused by the body’s overwhelming response to a bacterial infection, and it’s typically treated with antibiotics. Now, researchers from Harvard University, the Empa research group, and Adolphe Merkle Institutehave come up with a better way to fight back against sepsis.
At the core of their treatment method are magnets. The researchers coated antibodies that bind to dangerous bacteria with iron particles before introducing them to the sepsis-causing bacteria in a solution. After the antibodies were bound to the bacteria, the solution was run through a dialysis machine, and magnets literally pulled the iron-coated antibodies and bacteria right out of the solution, leaving it free of that bacteria.
Unfortunately, the antibodies we current have can only latch on to one type of bacteria, so the method would need to be repeated if more than one type is causing the sepsis. However, researchers at Harvard are working on a synthetic antibody that would bind to most common types of bacteria that cause sepsis, so eventually, a single treatment could be enough.
Bacteria can be removed by magnetic blood purification (left). A suspension with magnetic iron particles (top right) can be "cleaned" using a magnet (bottom right). Credit: Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology
Bacteria can be removed by magnetic blood purification (left). A suspension with magnetic iron particles (top right) can be “cleaned” using a magnet (bottom right). Credit: Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology


It’s difficult to overstate the importance of finding ways to fight antibiotic resistance, the ability of bacteria to evolve to combat treatment. The United Nations has declared it a crisis on par with HIV or Ebola, and the number of resistant strains of bacteria continues to grow at an alarming rate.
Thankfully, researchers are exploring a plethora of ways to battle the problem. Some are developing new types of antibiotics, while others are making use of gene-editing breakthrough CRISPR. Some are even looking at bacteria on the backs of ants for a potential solution. As long as we continue to look high and (very) low, we’re sure to find a way to combat the deadly problem of antibiotic resistance. Let’s just hope it happens soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Best Essential Oils For Flawless Skin

Essential oils can give your skin that much needed rejuvenation therapy which will leave you feeling younger, fresher and a whole lot energetic. Another property of these oils is that most of them have a relaxing fragrance that can help ease your mind as well.

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1 Tea Tree

This works great for clearing up acne from your face. Tea tree oil also dries out blemishes to give you good looking skin. This oil can be directly applied to the skin with a q-tip and has immediate effect. You will find that it decreases the swelling and redness on your skin pretty quickly.

2 Jasmine Oil

When using jasmine oil you can actually pair it up with your regular skincare body or face lotion for getting rid of dry or patchy skin. This oil does away with the appearance of scarring and stretch marks on your skin and is suitable for people with sensitive skin as well.

3 Lemongrass

If you want to minimize pores, all you need to do is apply a few drops of lemongrass oil directly to your face. This is known to make your skin firmer and suppler. Lemongrass oil can replace your toner in your skincare program.

4 Peppermint

Peppermint oil is amazing for treating chapped skin as a result of allergies, bug bites or other irritants. It has a cooling effect on your skin. This cooling effect in combination with its healing properties gives your clear skin from rashes. Definitely something to rely on as backup in your routine.

5 Chamomile

Similar to jasmine oil, chamomile helps in the clearing of scars and other imperfections on the skin including stretch marks. People also use it to treat damages to the skin in the form of cuts and wounds as it acts like a barrier preventing further infection on the skin.

6 Carrot Seed

It has great benefits for your skin starting from being a sunscreen and also amazing rejuvenating properties. Carrot seeds give tired skin a huge amount of relief from tired or aging skin that needs intense repair.

7 Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang oil gives your skin a fresh and supple makeover regardless of your skin type. It has this property of balancing excessively oily or dry skin and brings it to normalcy. People have found that it stimulates hair growth when used on the scalp.

8 Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil is a fantastic moisturizer that has been used since a long time ago. It rehydrates skin of any type and treats wrinkles and most signs of aging on your face and body.

9 Coriander

Blackheads are a point of concern with a lot of people. Coriander helps remove those stubborn pimples around sensitive areas and give you fresh and clean looking skin. You can try this paired with turmeric powder.

10 Rose

This essential oil acts as a toner to your skin and normalizes your skin tone the more you keep using it. Rose oil is a great alternative to lemon which is found to make your skin sensitive to light.
Things To Remember

Before applying an essential oil directly to your skin, you need to make sure that you know what concentration the oil is at. Most oils are very concentrated and needs to be diluted, which can be accomplished with lotions, water or powders.

If you want to make sure that your skin is compatible with a particular oil, you can take half a teaspoon of olive oil and the oil you are going to text and apply it on the inside of your upper arm. The results of which will help you determine tolerance levels throughout your body.

Hopefully, this short guide helped you choose the right essential oil for your skin. Do tell us about your experiences with them as it can help the community get more insight into this.

Redefining dental treatments for achieving a healthy smile in life

Author Bio - Dr. Millan is committed to staying on top of the latest developments that often make dentistry more convenient and comfortable for our patients. He attends continuing education classes and seminars on new developments in order to keep the treatment we provide up-to-date.

Most people face difficulties to keep their oral hygiene in a good condition due to negligence and other factors. This ultimately results in a variety of symptoms affecting their overall health conditions. Patients who suffer a lot from dental issues must consult with expert dentists for avoiding complications in life.

Why dental care is necessary for everyone?

Dental care is necessary for everyone to maintain gums and teeth perfectly for a long time. It is necessary to undergo regular checkups in a clinic for examining teeth conditions properly to prevent potential threats. Dental services allow a patient to ensure major changes in life by covering different types of procedures.

Modifying teeth conditions with the latest treatments

Nowadays, dental clinics offer latest treatments for the patients to improve their oral health effectively. They also focus more on providing high quality services with the support of modern equipment and approaches for ensuring a healthy oral smile in life.

Evaluating dental problems to get right solutions

It is an essential one to evaluate teeth disorders under the supervision of professional dentists for achieving better results. A dentist knows the solutions for a problem that help to fix it as soon as possible. At the same time, it is advisable to learn more the types of services offered by him or her for gaining ideas in quick turnaround time.

The advantages of cosmetic dental treatments

A cosmetic dental treatment is mainly meant for rebuilding, reshaping and restructuring teeth with a wide range of services for witnessing major changes. It even gives ways for expressing a best smile with more confidence levels.

What are the services included in a cosmetic treatment?

Teeth whitening, dental implants, bridges, dentures, cleaning, contouring, crowns, filings, veneers, reshaping and bonding are some cosmetic procedures recommended for a patient to get the desired outcomes. Cosmetic dentist in Miami offers all services to patients at affordable rates for enhancing a smile considerably. Those who want to get more details can search the internet for reducing health ailments.

Giving a new meaning to oral smile with cosmetic services

With cosmetic dental treatments, it is possible to modify teeth structures with different types of services for maintaining oral health in a perfect condition. Another advantage is that they contribute a lot in improving teeth conditions with the latest approaches to stay away from potential threats more efficiently for maintaining the quality of life.
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