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Is a Hormone in Our Brains the Key to Burning Fat?

For the first time, researchers have found a hormone in the brain that stimulates fat metabolism. Biologists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in San Diego made the discovery, which could affect future development of fat-burning drugs. 

Their research started with the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is found throughout the body. Scientists have known that serotonin regulates appetite and prompts fat loss, but haven't understood how. The team studied serotonin's effect on a species of roundworm called Caenorhabditis elegans because, interestingly enough, their brains are wired much like humans, and humans and C. elegans share many of the same genes and neurotransmitters.

Researchers tracked the fat-burning process by pinpointing the roundworm's gene in which the fat-burning would not take place. They gave the roundworms serotonin and measured how much energy they burned and how much fat they had. Scientists then removed one gene at a time. If the worms continued to burn fat as it should, then the scientists surmised that gene was not involved. But if removing a gene disrupted the fat-burning, then they could make a link. That process of trial and error led the research team to a specific gene in a neuropeptide hormone called FLP-7 (pronounced flip-7). 

Once scientists isolated the FLP-7 gene, they had to determine whether it was connected to serotonin levels in the brain. To do that, scientists added a protein that glowed a bright red to FLP-7 and were able to watch the hormone move through the worm's body.

What they found was that worms' brains released FLP-7 when they were stimulated by high levels of serotonin. As the hormone made its way through the worms' circulatory systems, it jump-started the fat-burning process in their intestines. 

Scripps researchers also noticed no side effects when they increased the level of serotonin. The worms functioned normally as they burned more fat.

So, what does this mean for humans? Well if you think it means you won't have to go to the gym anymore then think again. More work and studies have to be done; the next step for the team is to begin testing on mice. If the results are the same as what they found in the roundworms, Scripps Research can consider preparing a drug for human clinical trials.

Health is Wealth

It is the most special topic now-a-days in this regularly deteriorating environment. In the real terms health and fitness are two sides of the same coin means both are very necessary to live a healthy and happy life. Without proper health and fitness one cannot have a feeling of physical, mental and social well being. It is the common understanding which everyone must follow throughout the life for the wellness of their life and keep body and mind functioning in balance.

The real meaning of the health and fitness involves the efficient and proper working of all the body systems such as heart, nervous system, kidney, liver, digestive system, brain, etc. A person with healthy functioning body organs is called as a healthy and fit person. Being healthy and fit is not so easy in such a crowded and polluted environment. It is a big challenge to the whole human fraternity to maintain fitness together with the technological improvement in the modern world. Whenever the topic of health and fitness is discussed, many more questions arising in our mind that how to be healthy and fit, what habits we should follow to be healthy and fit, etc.

Human body has lots of independently working organs however interdependent as well. If any of the organ suffer problem, it affects other organs too and arise complications. The functioning of any singular bodies coordinates the functions of all together. Human body has many important organs however internal which we cannot see from outside. So, it arises a big question that how we can keep our internal organs safe and proper working in order to maintain our health and fitness. Following proper and timely daily routine with necessary physical exercises and healthy food on daily basis is the way to maintain health and fitness. Healthy food provides our body all the required and essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, minerals, healthy fat and carbohydrate. Regular exercises tones up our body muscles, keeps skin fresh, keeps spine straight and fit, regularize digestive system functioning, improves blood circulation to whole body, keeps body and mind in balance, etc.

Exercise promotes heart functioning and gives it strength to pump more blood at faster rate all through the body. Thus, we can say that exercise and proper nutrition regularly help a person to keep all his organs in absolute fitness. Exercise and healthy foods are the way to keep body and mind healthy as well as avoid health hazards and medication. Both are necessary for the people of all ages. Here are some ways which can help us to stay fit and healthy for long time: 
  • We should go for regular physical, blood, etc check-ups at least once a year to make sure that everything is normal. 
  • We should take proper and enough sleep. 
  • We should go for daily exercise. 
  • We should eat healthy food. 
  • We should never skip breakfast and other meals of the day. 
  • We should drink plenty of water on daily basis. 
  • We should never be in stress and try to avoid mental tension. 
  • We should try to get solution of all problems without getting fed up.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Top 16 Foods That Increase Your Cancer Risk

Summary: Read on this new article to discover some of the foods that increase your cancer risk and then reduce their consumption. 

We all know the seriousness of cancer, but do you know that prevention is more important than cure? We often talk about what causes cancer, and the cancer- fighting foods. But, now we are going to talk about foods that have been proven to increase the risk of developing cancer. Actually, some foods are increasing your risk of developing many health conditions and diseases. Apart from cancer, regularly consuming the cancer-causing foods can also contribute to diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, etc.

List Of Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Avoid:

There are some foods that are not good for human health. Eventually, if you consume them regularly, your risks of developing cancer will be higher. Now, in this article, Healthy Guide will show you some of the cancer-causing foods that you should avoid consuming.

1. Canned Foods

Most canned foods contain a compound called bisphenol-A, which has been proven to genetically affect the brain cells of rats. Apart from canned foods, many thermal paper, plastic goods, water lines as well as dental composites also consist of this compound. As a result, you need to protect your DNA by opting for frozen or fresh vegetables without added ingredients.

2. Soda And Carbonated Beverages

Sodas and carbonated beverages are known as major cancer-causing foods. Loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, and many other chemicals, these beverages are very bad for human health. They do not provide any nutritional value and even they can rob the body of the nutrients we take from other foods. 

Read on List Of 29 Best Easy Homemade Drinks Recipes To Lose Weight to discover some of the simplest homemade drinks recipes you should try if you want to lose weight, 

3. Refined Sugar

One of the cancer-causing foods you should know is high-fructose corn syrup as well as other refined sugars. These refined sugars and foods containing them can cause the insulin spikes and the growth of cancerous cells. Actually, if you are looking for foods that increase your cancer risk, you should reduce the intake of refined sugar. 

4. Farmed Fish

Commercial fish farming raises a great number of fish in a crowded environment. These fish are treated with pesticides, antibiotics as well as other carcinogenic chemicals, which are used to control the viral, bacterial and parasitic outbreaks. Besides, farmed fish also have less omega-3s than wild fish.

5. Grilled Red Meat

When it comes to learning foods that increase your cancer risk, you should not forget grilled red meat. Grilled food can taste delicious, but the preparing meats, especially processed meats in this way has been found to release a compound called heterocyclic aromatic amines. Actually, when you grill red meats, this process will change the molecular structure of the meat. Therefore, it is recommended to bake, broil, or prepare meat in a skillet rather than on the grill.

6. White Flour

When flour is refined, all of its nutritional value will be removed. Then, flour is bleached with chlorine gas for more appealing look. Besides, the GI for white flour is extremely high, which means that it increases the insulin levels without offering nutritional fuel. The body converts carbohydrates into sugars, so consuming products that contain white flour too much can contribute to increased insulin resistance. 

7. Dairy Foods

Although calcium is necessary for bone strength, there is a link between high intake of calcium and the appearance of prostate cancer. The reason for that may be that calcium-rich dairy products can reduce the body’s count of the hormone called 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, which is known to protect men from developing prostate cancerous cells. Therefore, by reducing the body's natural count, you are increasing the risks of the cancer’s development.

8. Bagels

This may sound strange when it comes to learning foods that inrease your cancer risk, but the fact is that the regular consumption of bagels can lead to many health diseases, including cancer. Bagels are delicious, but they can also increase your blood sugar level. Consuming foods with a high GI was proven to potentially increase chance of developing lung cancer. Some high GI foods you should avoid include bagels, puffed rice and corn flakes. Instead, opt for lower GI foods like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and steel-cut oatmeal. 

9. Salted, And Smoked Foods

These foods contain preservatives like nitrates, which are used to prolong shelf life. And these additives added to processed foods will be accumulates in the body over time. Even, some toxins can cause damage and contribute to cancer. If smoked foods are cooked over high heat, the nitrates will be converted to the much more harmful nitrites. 

10. Canned Tomatoes

As mentioned above, all canned foods contain a compound called bisphenol-A, which has been found to increase the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, infertility, metabolic disorders, early puberty, and type-2 diabetes. Moreover, canned tomatoes are extremely dangerous due to their high acidity. As a result, you should use fresh tomatoes when cooking instead of canned tomatoes.

11. Potato Chips

We all know that potato chips are not good forour health, but do you know that they can cause cancer? They are fried in hydrogenated oil and then salted, making them a food source that increases the risk of high blood pressure and other health issues. Addition to this, foods heated in a certain temperature have increased levels of acrylamide, which can be found in cigarette smoke as well as industrial building materials and has been proven to increase the risk of cancer. 

12. Bread

If you want to know foods that increase your cancer risk, you should not skip bread. Many baked goods and starchy products are laced with potassium bromate, which is used to speed up the manufacturing process and add bulk to bread as well as grain-based products. However, this additive has been found to cause nervous-system disorders. Therefore, before opting for bread, you should look at the ingredients list and exclude anything that includes brominated flour, 

13. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is known as one of the common causes of lung cancer, making it one of the foods that increase your cancer risk. Instead of consuming microwave popcorn, you can make your own organic popcorn at home. It tastes better and does not release toxic fumes.

14. Alcohol

Alcohol abuse is also a common cause of cancer. Although drinking alcohol in moderation can also reduce heart-disease risk, overconsumption can contribute to heart failure and stroke. In terms of cancer, excessive alcohol use can cause liver, mouth, esophagus, rectum, colon and female breast cancers. So, just have a glass of wine daily for women, two for men. 

15. Hydrogenated Oils

Vegetable oils are taken from their source, and some chemicals are added to change their taste and smell. These oils are loaded with unhealthy omega-6 fatty acids, which have been found to cause heart diseases and negatively affect the structure and flexibility of the cell membranes. When it comes to using oils, you should use heart-healthy olive oil without additional additives. 

16. Trans Fats

This is the last one among foods that increase your cancer risk that we want to mention in this article. Trans fats can be found in a variety of foods including margarine, vegetable shortening, candies, crackers, cereals, cookies, baked goods, salad dressings, granola bars, chips, snack foods, fried foods, etc. These fats are linked to increased obesity rates and they can even lead to the developing of cancer. 

Ways To Help Prevent Cancer:

Apart from keeping away from cancer-causing foods listed above, you also need to follow some anti-cancer diet tips to reduce the risk of developing cancer:

· Avoid foods that are labeled as “light,” “diet” or “fat-free.” To remove natural calories or fat, they are replaced with harmful chemicals that are not good for the body.

· Try to eat organic foods as much as possible.

· Fill 1/2 your plate with non-starchy vegetables. 

· Just opt for pastured and grass-fed meats. 

· Reduce the intake of grains and sugars

· Use only high-quality oils like olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, or grass-fed butter.

By eliminating these cancer-causing foods above, you can reduce your cancer risk, and look better from the inside out. After reading this article, we hope that you know some of the foods that can increase the risk of developing cancer and then try to keep away from them as soon as possible. Actually, these foods are so popular in our daily diet and they can contribute to the development of many health diseases. Therefore, it is very important for you to reduce the intake of these cancer-causing foods in order to keep your body healthy. 

If you think that this list is helpful and can help other people around you, share this list with them right now and remember to stimulate them to keep away from cancer-causing foods as soon as possible. One more thing, if you know other foods that can increase your risk of developing cancer, share them with other readers by leaving your comments below.

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