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Model Turned Actress Nargis Fakhri Maintained Herself so Well

nargis fakhri fitness
Caring for one’s body is always in the mind of an actress. They are the image of the society, the representative of our generation and they are the people which every Indian girl wishes to become one. An Indian actress undergoes a lot of pressure from the public and media and also her peers. The Bollywood is filled with competition and nepotism which if not handled properly can make or break your entire life. A true actress knows how to listen to her body and how to respond to every media rumours. It is not just about fitness, one need to sculpt the mental health as well. Nargis Fakhri has been one hell of an inspiration when it comes to acting. She blends well with Bollywood despite her foreign upbringing. This article reveals her fitness secrets which you can adopt as well.
Nargis Fakhri fitness work
  1. For her recent film Main Tera Hero, she underwent a detoxification programme and lost 3 kilos in 6 days. This detoxification programme was based on juice. Many people term it as juice-fast. Many cannot handle the hunger and step away from it before it is done. Hence, it is recommended that you think before you start the juice fast.
  1. She includes bread and milk in her diet. It is a known fact that bread contains carbohydrates and it is a no-no when comes to dieting and weight loss. But a little of everything never really hurts. Moreover, if you exclude consumption of carbohydrates from your diet altogether, it will definitely be harmful to your body. You will suffer from nutrient deficiency.
Nargis Fakhri
  1. Nargis Fakhri chooses to cook her own dishes. She is more into fresh fruits and vegetables than processed foods and carbonated drinks. When one is dieting and leans to healthy eating, home cooked meals are the best option which Nargis Fakhri is doing and she is doing it right for sure. Cooking your own meals makes you more aware of how much oil and salt you are putting in. moreover, it provides as a stress reliever.
  1. Like any other fitness freak, Nargis Fakhri consumes plenty of water and sleeps very well. She says that sleeping right is the key to happiness as it results in relieving stress as well. It acts a weapon to fight stress and bring more happiness.
  1. The protein intake is very important, she says. This is why she believes in eating eggs and bananas along with bread and milk, like mentioned earlier.
  1. Here is her daily meal plan mentioned below.
nargis fakhri diet
Breakfast3 Hard boiled Eggs
LunchVegetable Salad with
1.      Vegetable soup or;
2.      Mashed potatoes or;
3.      Baked salmon or;
4.      Chicken sandwich.
Dinner1.      Rajma or dal with rotis or;
2.      Aloo palak with rotis or;
3.      Melba Toast or;
4.      Quinoa with vegetable mix or;
5.      Sardines with Onions.

snacksAlmonds, cranberries, dark chocolate, walnuts, oranges, bananas.
You must have noticed that her protein intake is all natural and is accomplished during her breakfast time. Rest of the day is focused on the vegetables and salad. She rarely eats chicken, except occasionally. She even considers nuts and fruits as snacks and keeps those little treats for the times she is hungry during the day. It is also important to keep a check of the calorie intake you are doing every day. There are various apps in the phone which help with that.
nargis fakhri workout

Nargis Fakhri fitness workout plan

It is no secret that Bollywood actresses hit the gym daily to keep themselves fit all the time. They do not let laziness dig in their minds because it will show itself as a monster in front of the media. Hence like Nargis Fakhri says, you do not have to hit the gym if you do not want to. You can always dance your way into a fit body or any sport you like. Sweating is important.
  1. This model turned actress believes in ZumbaThis dance workout is a fun way to lose weight and work your way into a fit body. Dancing is also considered as a stress reliever and you can definitely get in a very good mood by hitting a zumba class. Zumba is done in large groups and there is no age limit as to do it. You can do it with your kids and your grandmother. For someone as busy as Nargis Fakhri, she says that doing Zumba every day keeps her energy level to the maximum all day long. If you like dancing, it will be a bonus if you add Zumba to your workout plan.
nargis fakhri yoga pose
  1. This stunning actress does not fail to surprise us by saying that yoga is her favourite workout routine. Most of the actresses do not get time to go for the slow plans like yoga. Even though it is slowest of all when it comes to losing weight, it is the most effective one. Yoga is a proven stress reliever and a perfect way to stretch your muscles and keep that body toned. For an actress, her daily routines include forty-five minutes of a yoga session. Yoga not only helps you lose weight but also builds a strong immunity and keeps you young. Actresses tend to face challenges from younger and more beautiful models who are wanted mostly due to their fresh look and young appearance. This is why yoga is a suitable way to keep that skin tones and tight. This 37-year-old actress does not look a day older than 25. So, you have got to believe that age and time can be denied by exercise.
  1. She also believes in meditation and treadmill machine for cardio. The treadmill is a good way to run indoors. For an actress who is always surrounded by media attention, it is safer for her to run indoors on a treadmill than running outside.
Nargis Fakhri also says that it is important that you do well in your diet and not cheat. You have to sculpt your own body and you will feel better every day with every little progress you make.


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