Thursday, August 29, 2013

10 Steps to Overcoming your Fears

Take a deep breath
Much has been said about deep breathing. When we are flooded with fear our heart starts racing, palms start sweating, and we feel anxious. The first step to overcoming fear is to take a minute and breathe deep to relax yourself physically. Deep breathing lowers adrenalin levels and brings you to a more normal physical state.
Expose yourself
Another way to fight fear is to expose yourself to that fear. Remember as a child being afraid of falling from your bicycle, although we failed once or twice we eventually succeeded. When we expose ourselves to our fears, we realize that most fears are perceived.
Don’t expect perfection
When you are fearful, don’t expect your life to be perfect. Think about other people and realize that everyone has fears and problems. This thinking will help you not feel alone.
Talk about it
Talking about your fears takes away some scariness. There is no shame in discussing your fears with your loved ones, everyone has fears.
10 steps to overcome your fears
Go back to basics
Before doing something you are afraid get some quality sleep, have a good meal, and take a walk. This lowers anxiety and helps you perform better.
Control your imagination
When we are scared of something we often imagine negative outcomes. Control your imagination, think about what you will get after overcoming your fear. Think positive and be confident.
Prepare for the worst
Hope for the best and tell yourself about the worst possible outcome, come up with a few solutions.
Keep the momentum going
It requires some momentum to deal with fears. When you are exposed to setbacks you may find it easy to quit. Don’t believe this is the end. Stay determined and avoid talking to cynical people. Do not let anyone hold you back.
See fear as an opportunity
Fear can be seen as a tool to identify problems and find effective solutions. When feeling fearful, think about the possibilities that will be open to you once you overcome that fear.
Celebrate your victories.
Once you expose yourself to your most dreadful fears and overcome them, do not forget to reward yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back and have a good time celebrating. This will give you more confidence the next time you are flooded with fear. When you feel how pleasant it feels to overcome your fears you will be ready to tackle others with more confidence.

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