Thursday, September 19, 2013

14 trivia, myths and truths about the human brain

Author Bio: Cognifit have created the following infographic about 14 trivia, myths and truths about the human brain. Cognifit is a company that has developed a scientific assessment of the cognitive abilities of your brain.

The human brain is amazing, and this has meant that over the years has been developed many myths and legends about this incredible organ. Through various mind games, you can discover your cognitive status and carry out an exercise program to train your brain.

Myths like that with a strong blow to the head will cure amnesia, or that we only use 10% of our brain capacity has reached our ears many times. With his infographic Cognifit will reveal which of these myths and legends are true or false, and also you can know some trivia about the brain, as women and men orient in space in different ways or that is true that love is a drug. Surely more of one will surprise you.

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