Saturday, December 14, 2013

15 Things To Try When You Can’t Sleep

There are many health benefits to a good quality sleep but few of us get it. Those who suffer from insomnia know how frustrating it is to be awake in the middle of the night and not be able to do anything about it.

Here are 15 things you can do if you find sleep eluding you:

1. Make yourself comfortable – For good sleep everything in your bedroom from temperature to bed-sheets should be absolutely perfect to your preference. Wear the most comfortable, clean sleeping clothes you have.

2. While you sleep, make sure there is total darkness in the room. If you cannot sleep in total darkness make or buy a sleep mask and wear it.

3. Managing noise is important. Silence is best for quality sleep however many enjoy white-noise machines or Apps that produce soothing sounds while you sleep like falling water, crickets, waves, or breezes.

4. Take a warm and relaxing bath before going to bed. Bathing before sleeping refreshes the mind and body while giving you a clean feeling and removes stress.

5. Try to read something before going to bed, something un-exciting is better.

6. The way we breathe influences the quality of our sleep and relaxation levels. Studies show that deep breathing helps you relax and induces sleep. Breathe at a rate of six times per minute to speed up the sleeping process.

7. Fresh bed linens are great for going to sleep. This technique is especially beneficial after bathing. Fresh linen sheets give a cozy feeling and promote sleep, soft fabric is ideal. You can try a sachet or spray between washes.

8. If you just can’t fall asleep stop trying so hard, let it come on its own. Try to involve yourself in something else and divert your attention and try to sleep again later. Usually the results are better than earlier.

9. Make a schedule for going to bed and stick to it. Go to sleep at the same time every day, with weekends being no exception. Changing sleeping time daily disturbs the routine and detracts sleep.

10. Keeping a separator between your legs is a good way to go to sleep faster. Pillows reduce leg pain from daily walking and relaxes leg muscles.

11. Do not eat close to bedtime. Studies prove eating right before bed requires activity in your body for digesting food which keeps you from the relaxation required for sleeping.

12. Remove gadgets from your bedroom including television. Keeping a TV in your bedroom makes it hard to resist watching it and the time that you should spend sleeping you spend watching TV.

13. Keep serious conversations for another time. Serious conversations often have serious aftermath and lead to stress. Keep such things for daytime and enjoy light and relaxing activities before bed.

14. Many people sleep during the day especially on weekends and holidays. If we sleep during the day time, our bodies’ sleep routine gets disturbed and we find it difficult to sleep at night. This excludes those who work nights, reverse it.

15. Meditation can be useful for getting you a good night’s sleep.

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