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10 Best Whey Proteins in India

Best Whey Protein in India
Whey protein can be used as a substitute for protein from whole foods. If your meals aren’t rich in proteins, you can make up for it by whipping up a protein shake and drinking it after your workout.
It helps in the recovery of muscles as whey provides you with essential amino acids that are necessary to build and repair muscles.
In fact, whey protein is considered a “complete protein” as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. You will find here the 10 best whey protein in India.
protein shake: best whey protein in India

What is whey protein?

Whey protein is the waste by-product received while processing and making the curd and cheese. 20% of protein in cow milk is whey. While producing curd and cheese from cow milk there goes on several processes like inoculation, incubation, and pasteurization and then the Rennet is added in the milk. Rennet helps in coagulating the milk and separating the milk into curd and whey. This liquid whey protein is further processed to make it a whey protein powder with high percentage of protein in it. This whey protein which is received from the milk after taking out the curd is further filtered with citric acid. Continuous filtration and micro filtration take the protein percentage up to 80%-90%. This liquid is then heated up and dry spray is added to make it a powder. It is available in lactose form and has fat and carbohydrates so it should be consumed as recommended.

 Some Best Whey Protein in India:

  • Muscleblaze Whey Protein

Muscleblaze whey protein: best whey protein in India
This Whey protein has 25g of protein. It helps to recover the muscle and also helps in developing the lean muscle as well. In each serving of Muscleblaze whey protein there are complex carbs, multivitamins and only 6-16g of sugar and also digestive enzymes which is needed for vigorous workout and muscle growth. It also increases the immunity of the body.
  • Davisco Whey Protein

davisco whey protein: best whey protein in India
Davisco whey protein is one of the most popular protein supplement which helps in enhancing the energy during the strength training or after the strength training. It also helps in building the muscle mass and takes care of the lean muscle as well. In each serving of the Davisco Whey protein, there is 80% of the protein in it. It is best whey protein in India.
  • Muscletech Whey Protein

Muscletech whey protein: best whey protein in India
This is one of the most desirable whey proteins because it helps one to strengthen one’s muscle and helps to grow the lean muscle as well. Each serving of Muscletech whey protein has 100% pf protein plus which not only helps to grow the lean muscles but helps in producing lot of energy required during the strength training and after the strength training. Instantized muscletech whey protein is easy to mix with the food and creates a better result.
  • Ultimate Nutrition Whey Protein

Ultimate nutrition whey protein: best whey protein in India
Ultimate nutrition whey protein is the 100% whey protein . One serving of ultimate nutrition whey protein has 120 calories which includes 2g of carbs, 25g of protein and only 1 gm of fat. This is an expensive isolate whey protein because it delivers low calories, ftas and carbs. It has artificial sweetener in it.
  • Saputo Whey Protein

saputo whey protein: best whey protein in India
Saputo Whey protein is mainly manufactured in USA and thus it is expensive. This whey protein is absolutely perfect for the athletes and the people who are low carb dieters. It takes care of the muscle and minimizes muscle breakdown. Saputo whey protein helps in nitrogen retention. It is rich in amino acids and because of Saputo whey protein the muscle is recovered very fast. It does not contain any artificial products in it. It mixes very fast with the water, milk, juice, cold drink. It can also be mixed in oatmeal, pancake batter or muffin batter.
  • Tarun Gill Whey Protein

Tarun gill whey protein: best whey protein in India
Tarun Gill whey protein is a protein supplement which is available in coffee, caramel and even in chocolate flavor. The price is also relatively cheap compared to other whey proteins. Each scoop of Tarun Gill whey protein has no sugar content, no after taste, no sweeteners. It is fully vegetarian and fully researched. It is available in the market in 1kg and 2 kg pack.
  • Medisys Whey Protein

Medisys whey protein: best whey protein in India
Medisys whey protein is a 100% protein supplement which is prefect for both pre and post workout. It helps is minimizing the loss of muscle, building up the muscles and helps to keep the muscles lean. It helps a lot in building up the lean muscle mass in our body. The price is almost same as other whey protein and is available in all leading stores and online.
  • Nutrimed Whey Protein

Nutrimed whey protein: best whey protein in India
Nutrimed whey protein is the isolate protein supplementThis is a 100% protein supplement which is available as Glutamine and Amino powder. The protein supplement takes care of the lean muscles and helps it to grow in mass, it helps in repairing the muscle and it also a perfect supplement for pre and post workout sessions. It also helps in reducing fat from the body and builds the muscle mass which helps in metabolism. The price starts from Rs.999.
  • ON Whey Protein

on whey protein: best whey protein in India
On whey protein isolate supplement is a 100% protein supplement which is available in stores and can be order online. This protein supplement is priced at a higher level. It helps in building the muscle mass and also helps in repairing the broken down muscles. It is an isolate protein supplement which is low in fat and car but helps the body to gain energy after workout.
  • Cellucor Whey Protein

cellucor whey protein: best whey protein in India
Cellulcor whey protein enriches oneself with protein supplement which helps to build the muscle mass, maintain he lean muscle and furnishes the body with adequate nutrients. It has low carb and fat. It can be taken as snacks, can be added in meals or can even replace a meal. It is available in 1-2 kg of jar. The price is almost same as the other whey proteins.

Some Important Benefits of Whey Protein

benefits of whey protein

  • Helps in controlling body fat and also helps in preserving the lean muscle.
  • Whey protein helps in cancer as well.
  • It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol of the body.
  • According to some research children with asthma can enhance immunity with 10 gm of whey protein in milk or in juice twice daily for a month.
  • Whey protein lowers the risk of cardiac arrest and high blood pressure.
  • Among HIV patients’ whey protein helps to increase the weight.

Side Effects of Whey Protein

side effects of whey protein
Whey protein is the by-product of milk. So if any individual has any problem with milk then Whey protein should be avoided. Whey protein should be taken as per recommended. Too much consumption of Whey protein may cause the following disruption:
  • Loss of apetite
  • Cramps in different parts of the body
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Stomache upset
  • High dose of whey protein may cause acne

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