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The Incredibly Effective Weight Loss Through Swimming

swimming tips for weight loss
Swimming can be very beneficial when it comes to losing the weight and getting a perfect dream shape. There is no other easy and simple way to lose the weight then enjoying a nice swim in a pool. There are different swimming exercises, methods, and tips that you help to burn calories fast and easy. There are also other benefits of swimming, but this post all about swimming tips for weight loss and the benefits of swimming.

Swimming tips for Weight Loss

swimming pool exercise: Swimming tips for weight loss
Almost all of us often heard our school teachers or elders say that swimming is the only exercise which put little stress on our whole body. YES, and that is the reason that swimming is preferred by many to burn the calories and extra fats to be fit and to improve strength in the simplest way and of course, full of fun. Swimming does not only help to burn calorie and improve strength, but also helps to keep the heart and lungs healthy hence controls Blood Pressure, protects us from stroke, heart diseases, and from type 2 diabetes also.

How to lose weight through swimming?

swimm daily: Swimming tips for weight loss
As mentioned earlier that, swimming puts stresses on almost all the body parts more or less and helps to burn extra fats from different parts of our body. Hence we loose weights. The more you do, faster you will get a fit and toned body. But a fit and toned body is not something that comes and stays forever without doing anything. You have to swim regularly for a particular time or increase after a few days, if possible.

Types of swimming that you can try to kill your extra fat

Although all the swimming techniques, better to say strokes, burn calories and extra fats from different parts of our body, but there are some particular strokes which help to burn calories and the fats faster and more efficiently. So now we are going to list out the 4 types of strokes that you can try to kill your extra fats. These are:
  • Butterfly Stroke: Butterfly stroke is the best for burning fats from the upper part of the body like the stomach and chest and helps to tone the parts including arms. For just 30 minutes of Butterfly, stroke can burn 450 calories. But beginners should try this after a few days.
Butterfly Stroke: swimming tips for weight loss
  • Freestyle Stroke: Freestyle stroke comes at 2nd for burning calories and extra fats from the body. It burns 300 calories in average in just 30 minutes of freestyle stroking. It helps to burn fats from stomach, buttock, and shoulder and to tone back muscles.
  • Backstroke: A backstroke is a great option for burning calories as well for toning stomach, buttock, shoulder, arms, and legs. It burns 250 calories in 30 minutes of backstroke. Beginners can try this for a good result.
  • Breaststroke: Though it is a slow process of burning calories, it is good for heart and lungs. It helps to tone chest muscle, thighs, upper back, triceps and lower legs. 30 minutes of breaststroke can burn around 200 calories.
breaststroke: swimming tips for weight loss
There are some other Strokes like dog paddles, sidestroke, elementary backstrokes etc which may not burn your fats much, but with help you in maintaining a healthy body and keep your interest alive in swimming.

How fast you can see the impact of swimming weight lose

Well…. In this context, I would say, it depends on your body weight, your swimming styles, and duration. The more you weigh, the more you need to burn calories. In the same way, the more you give time and try the fat burning stroke, the faster you see the impact. But generally one should give two and a half hours daily to get the result faster.

Diet tips that will help to lose the weight even faster

water exercise: swimming benefits for weight loss
If you really want to loose your weight faster, then only swimming may not be fruitful. You need to control your diet too too loose weight faster. Because it is not possible to burn the extra fats faster if you do not stop consuming high-calorie food. Here are some tips to control your diet for faster weight loss:
  1. One should reduce carbohydrates intake like rice, wheat, sugary items etc. because carbohydrates stimulate the secretion of insulin, which is directly responsible for storing fats.
  2. You can take protein rich diet, which helps to reduce consuming carbohydrates.
  3. One should choose to eat foods that help to loose weights like green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc and fibrous foods like Glucomannan, nuts etc.
  4. Consuming junk foods is an obstacle to loose weights. So you should avoid it.
  5. Avoid processed foods, because they are high-calorie
  6. Drink tea and coffee, they help to improve metabolism.

For whom swimming is more beneficial

type of people for swimming: swimming tips benefits
Swimming helps to loose body weights, helps to strengthen muscles, heart, and lungs, controls blood pressure and lots more. So all the people who are having such problems are going to get more benefits from swimming. And for other, it helps to maintain a healthy body.


This is how you can loose your weight by doing the simplest exercise, swimming, and have a fit and toned body of your dream. So don’t waste time thinking that it is not the perfect time or age to start swimming. Remember one thing, healthy and fit body is needed for whole life, so there is no particular perfect time or age for being healthy. Start swimming today, and make the day perfect. Thank You.
swimming tips for weight loss


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