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Having a decade worth of experience in Internet Marketing and SEO related services, PLUS having approximately five years in sales and marketing out in the Real Estate field; Praveen Dilip. S is at the top of his class. Specializing specifically in SEO, Blogging and Social Media, he’s able to cut through all of your issues; getting your website above all the others, making you money... FASTER!

Residing in Chennai, India; a metropolitan area in Southern India, Mr. Dilip has been able to expand his knowledge in great detail. With hundreds of hours of hard work, dedication and education, he was able to create a fantastic career in Digital Marketing, and finding solutions for you to ensure your success with your online business.

Praveen Dilip’s studies have included (and still on-going) an MBA and EPGDMM which he strives for on a constant basis and he speaks two different languages being both English and Tamil. The areas he specifies in within the Digital Marketing field are:

☑ SEO (Consulting included)
☑ Social Media
☑ Email Marketing
☑ Mobile Marketing
☑ Blogging
☑ Site Audits
☑ Media Relations
☑ E-Commerce SEM
☑ Link Building
☑ Digital Strategy
☑ Online Reputation Management
☑ Website Analytics Analysis
☑ Paid Search Marketing
☑ Article Submission
☑ Video Editing & Producing
☑ And so much more!

Naturally wanting to help people with his caring and innovative personality for many years, Praveen uses his past experiences of being a teacher to fellow students when he was the Director of his Environmental Club in college. He’s very understanding to your needs and is able to troubleshoot along with you in order to reach your goal with your online business.

Using Social Media networks to communicate with his clients on a regular basis and maintaining suitable progress reports with his customers, Mr. Dilip’s trustworthiness and his loving personality has shown through his posts, tweets and messages proving his friendly and loyal nature.

Though he’s adventurous and freethinking, Praveen is a collector of many things, such as:
☑ Stamps (Philatelist) 
☑ Coins (Numismatist)
☑ Banknotes (Notaphilist)
☑ International Phone Cards (Fusilatelist)
☑ Vast collection of movies, MP3’s, etc

Working at his career is a full-time job, as Praveen has three blogs he has to maintain in several different ways surrounding Digital Marketing. His blogs are dilipstechnoblog.com, medfitnessblog.com and gtgindia.com. In addition to his own websites, he keeps everyone up to date with his services and upcoming specials through email and on Social Media sites, such as, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. He has to keep thinking and learning about new information and creative ideas to better his business, while staying on top of the upcoming and current trends in Internet Marketing of today!

Mr. Dilip has shown consistent and above average work with coming up with Digital Marketing solutions for his clientele, and truly excels with his kind and compassionate personality, constantly keeping an open mind and looking for new people to deal with. He opens his arms out to help those in need, without gouging your wallet. He is your true SEO, Digital Marketing Expert!

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