Friday, August 2, 2013

16 Sex Drive Secrets!

16 Sex Drive Secrets!
1. Wrap your arms around!
Hugging releases oxytocin. This chemical increases a feeling of bonding; it also relaxes you and lowers your inhibitions.

2. Take some time off
While having regular sex could go great for some, taking some time off will increase your sexual appetite it will actually come back more strongly than ever

3. Flirtatious competition
just like when you were a teenager and used to flirt with the boy or girl you liked, flirting like wrestling, playing around will increase the sexual drive.

4. Stress less
your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, This hormone stimulates libido. Take some days off and see how your sexual appetites change.

5.Hit the gym
Besides it being the best remedy for everything it also increases blood flow to your sexual organs.

6. Happy hour
Having one to two alcoholic drinks an evening can boost your sex drive and lower your inhibitions over the long term.

7.romantic getaway
Sometimes habit and routine makes us feel tired and feel like everything is the same, changing your favorite pizza place once and going to a nice romantic restaurant, a beach trip or a romantic date day will impulse your sex drive. to skin
giving your partner a massage is something known as relaxing, seductive and flirtatious, an interesting and good thing to know is that skin to skin will release oxytocin and the more oxytocin released, the more desire a woman will feel. a steamy movie or read a hot book
Watching a movie or reading hot literature can quickly jump-start arousal, due to the fact that we start putting ourselves in the characters sexual situations.

10.yum! Yum!
Try cooking a delicious meal for your partner, eat dinner with dim lights and make it a romantic stress free environment, give compliments through out dinner and make your significant other feel sexy. While having a pleased stomach and being flattered your partner will feel extremely aroused.

11.take it off!
Sometimes the way we feel more sexually attracted or fantasize about having sex is by picturing what’s under the clothes, it might have been a while since you decided to wear a skirt and show those sexy legs or maybe with time you have been putting more and more clothes on, even during summer! Try an unbuttoned blouse or a short skirt maybe a sexy dress this he’s going to feel attracted immediately.

12.Off the meds.
if you are under any kind of medication, ask your doctor if this is affecting your libido or sexual drive, it is very common for certain drugs to take away your sex desire.

13. Under arrest!
The cliché dress up fantasy, well believe it or not according to most men this is still the number 1 male turn on, 15/20 men fantasize or think about their respective partner in a sexy fictitious outfit.

14. quit smoking
it’s scientifically proven that smoking can clog the blood vessels in the penis in the same way it clogs the arteries in your heart.

15. can you add pesto please?
Pesto contains pine nuts, great sources of arginine, the precursor for nitric oxide, a main ingredient in drugs like Viagra. Arginine helps open blood vessels so blood flow improves.

16. Make a date for sex
Be spontaneous, show up in the middle of the day at the office, tell him or her to meet you somewhere and be creative, bring that excitement back and you will be getting easily aroused in time.


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