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5 Things You Need to Know About Your Blood Type

Have you ever wondered why you are not losing weight after following the exact same diet as your best friend and she manages to lose those 10 pounds fast and easy? Ever asked yourself why you get sick so often or why is your immune system so weak?

Are you eating the right foods for your blood type?
It is important to learn how your blood type affects your health and wellness, same as your weight and believe it or not your blood type makes you more susceptible to certain diseases.

Why does this happen?
We understand that there are four blood groups A, B, AB and O, and that blood type is determined by genetics. There are certain antigens (these could be proteins, carbohydrates and glycoproteins) that when they enter the body, the immune system produces antibodies against them. We respond differently to these antigens depending on our blood type.

Blood is classified by:
New: AB
Old: O
Agrarian: A
Nomadic: B

blood type

Blood type and diet:
Certain foods such as legumes contain a carbohydrate-binding protein called lectin. This substance is most likely to cause inflammation in the body, but it will produce stronger reactions in certain blood types. Therefore it can make you more susceptible to certain diseases and other factors like fatigue, poor digestion and weight gain.

There are a lot of chemical reactions going on in our bodies all day long, digestion is one of them and our blood type can affect how we digest the food, meaning it will be crucial in terms of weight loss or weight gain

Blood Type O
Recommended to eat:
-High-protein found in meat and fish
-Reduce carb intake
-Avoid diary

Blood Type A
Recommended to eat:
-Vegetarian diet (lots of veggies!)
-Grains (beans, legumes)

Blood Type B
Recommended to eat:
-Red Meat (avoid chicken)
-Fruits and vegetables

Blood Type AB
Recommended to eat:
-Lean meat
-Vegetables and legumes

Blood types and diseases:
As previously mentioned every blood type is different because of their antigens located on the surface of the red blood cells. Each blood type creates certain defenses to help fight diseases.

Blood type and personality:

Blood Type O


Blood Type A

-Most likely to be calm
-Most artistic

Blood Type B

-Goal oriented
- Strong minded

Blood Type AB

-Split personalities: outgoing and shy
-Confident and timid
-Care a lot for others

Blood type and fertility:
Women chances of fertility are different in different blood groups; this happens due to the fact that the amount of a hormone called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) varies, depending on the blood type.

Some studies to prove this theory show that women with blood types A and AB were generally less likely than others to produce the follicle-stimulating hormone.

Please note that according to many nutritionists, there is not enough scientific evidence to support these claims, and if you’re among those who manage their diet based on scientific evidence, then you have to wait for more results to come up.


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