Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Alternative Treatments For Chronic Pain By Dr. Oz

Hypnotherapy is considered to be a great treatment for chronic pain. It involves a licensed hypnotherapist who guides the mind to a highly focused mental position by bringing the body into deep relaxation. Its healing capability is immensely impressive and it also reduces the damaging habits of having painkillers. A few hours’ session gives a long relief.

This therapy has been widely used all over the world for centuries. It uses a needling technique which triggers the nerves to signal the brain, resulting in soothing the pain. It is quite helpful in the knee pain following knee joint’s arthritis and is considered to be a less expensive substitute for knee surgery.

7 Alternative Treatments For Chronic Pain

When a migraine attack takes place, brain secretes certain inflammation-causing chemicals. Butterbur interferes with these chemicals to reduce the inflammation, causing pain relief. In a survey, it was shown that 68% of migraine patients who used butterbur, suffered from less number of attacks by at least 50%.

According to a study those who were consuming more vitamin C reported less symptoms of arthritis, such as knee pain. The protective effect of
this vitamin on bones and cartilages makes it one of the best naturally available sources of pain relief.

5. Essential Oils
A massage with certain essential oils on the body parts that are suffering from pain can ease the pain. A variety of essential oils, such as rosemary, eucalyptus, and clove oil, when applied locally to the affected areas reduce the pain-causing biochemical reactions.

According to another study, people who consumed more fish oil, on a regular basis, used less amount of pain medications by 50%. Consuming a supplement rich in Omega-3s can lower the production of various chemicals that are responsible for inflammation and joint pain.

This pain relieving gel can be your first home remedy for pain relief. This gel is also widely used by professional athletes to ease the pain and reduce the inflammations after strains or bruises. Researches have also shown that it can be used to dull the pain of arthritis: A study conducted on 204 patients
Suffering from osteoarthritis, reported that using arnica gel is as effective as ibuprofen in pain relief.

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