Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weight Loss Made Simple: 4 Tips you can put into Action Today

Weight Loss Made Simple- 4 Tips you can put into Action Today.

With all the crazy diet trends and plans out there it is hard to know what exactly you need to do to lose weight. What if I told you it is so much easier than you think? In fact, weight loss can be simple and almost effortless with these few easy tips. Try them out and get started losing weight today.

1. Move. Movement boosts our mood, increases endorphins, and keeps your metabolism running. Plus, strength training builds muscle that actually burns more calories at rest than fat. If that hasn’t convinced you, think of exercise as a natural anti-depressant, or anxiety pill. It’s a great way to release pent up emotions and connect with your body. Find a movement you love and stick with it! Stay active 6-7 days a week by moving your body in a way you enjoy. This can be anything from walking, to dancing, to boot camp, to hiking.

2. Think Before you Eat. Are you hungry? What are you craving? These are two key questions to ask yourself before you sit down to the table. The more you pay attention to your hunger cues, the easier it will be to recognize when you are satisfied, as well as notice the difference between when you reallyneed to eat and when you want to eat. It also important to check in with what your body is craving. Do you want something hot or cold? Creamy or crunchy? Sweet or salty? All of these answers will help you to eat the most satisfying meal possible, meaning when you finish you will be fully satiated and not in need of more food.

3. Check your Emotions at the Door. If you’re emotional get out of the kitchen. When certain emotions come up you may find yourself eating in place of actually feeling or dealing with your emotions. Not only does this mean you are mindlessly eating when you’re not really hungry, but also you also never address the emotions coming up. This means problems don’t get solved, your feelings persist, and they will be sure to come up again. Check in with yourself before you eat and ask whether you are actually physically hungry, or just emotional and craving something emotionally.

4. Slow Down. Slowing down helps us to relax and when we are relaxed we are in a prime state of digestion. So next time you sit down to a meal, take 3 deep breaths, eat slowly, and without distractions. Eating slowly will allow you eat mindfully and notice when you are satisfied. It often takes 20 minutes to feel full from a meal, even if it took you 2 minutes to eat it. So slow down and be sure to pay attention to your hunger and satisfaction levels. In addition make sure you are eating at a table, with your food on a plate, and with no distractions. This means no phone, computer, TV, or emails. Anything other than light conversation is going to take your focus off of your food, making it less likely to digest properly, and making you less likely to stop when you’ve had enough.

Get started implementing this tips today and I’m confident you will notice a difference in no time. Still struggling with this concept and in need of more support? Sign up for my FREE guide to Ditch the Diets by clicking here.

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