Tuesday, September 3, 2013

21 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy All Year Round

 • Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. You should not skip breakfast as it keeps you energized throughout the day.

Avoid late night snacks
Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed. Metabolism slows down when we sleep and the process of fat burning switches to fat accumulation.

Control your cravings
Before you eat anything, ask yourself if you are really hungry, Eating only satisfies cravings of hunger, not taste.

Avoid eating out
Making your own lunch is a good habit that everyone can adopt. According to a study people who eat out even once a week, on average weight 5 more pounds.

Start with greens
Always start your meals with green vegetables, this leads to higher consumption. Greens are high on nutrients and low on calories, the secret to a healthy diet.

Eat regularly
Munch something every 3-4 hours. Doing this will keep your energy levels up all day and help you fight temptation.

Set up a cheat day
You can run away from all your temptations by postponing them with a planned cheat day. Its better to enjoy your unhealthy temptations once a month rather than daily.

Never go shopping hungry
Always go shopping with a full stomach. Lifting baskets and other products quickens the digestion process.

Avoid Soda
Saying a BIG NO to soda is a healthy practice. Soda reduces the muscle’s ability to burn fat along with various other health-related hazards.

Have more fruit
Eat more fruits and vegetables in comparison to other foods. Its a good idea to replace one meals a day with a fruit platter or vegetable juices.

Consume more fiber and protein
Increase your consumption of protein and fiber. This will not leave enough space in your tummy to crave for anything else.

Avoid carbs in the afternoon
Consumption of carbohydrates in the afternoon meal adds on calories which do not get burned easily. Carbs should not be ingested post-lunch.

Say no to junk food
Junk food is an open invitation various infections and unwanted calories. Foods such as burgers, pizzas, and pasta should be avoided to maintain a healthy regime.

Adequate sleep
In order to live a healthy life a sound 6-8 hour sleep daily is essential. Studies have shown that sleep deprived people develop major health problems regardless of how good their diet is.

Stay hydrated
Water is one of the building blocks of body and proper attention should be given to hydration needs. Keeping a bottle of water and sipping some every half-hour is a healthy practice.

Walk it off
Walking is one of the best ways to live healthy. Walk at least 15-20 minutes. It regulates all of the body and keeps blood flow regulated.

Exercise daily
Daily exercise is critical for burning calories and keeping you fit. If you cannot do weight training then daily running for about 15 minutes can also be the trick for you.

Reduce salts
Consuming higher quantities of salt in your diet leads to sodium accumulation and studies have shown that excess salt is a contributing factor of cancer.

Sleep early
Working until late at night is an unhealthy practice. It disturbs the functioning of the entire body and leads to respiratory and digestive problems. If you work nights try sleeping with blackout curtains.

The world has accepted the numerous health benefits of meditation. It relieves the body from bad thoughts and reduces stress.

Avoid excess alcohol

Alcohol has several health hazards and can lead to cancer. Consuming excess alcohol regularly damages the kidneys and liver which makes it difficult for the body to obtain essential nutrients from diet.

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