Monday, September 23, 2013

Coconut Sugar Scrub

There is no need to pay a lot of money on chemicals to make your skin look better, nature’s got a better deal, no chemicals, no fragrances, 100% natural. All you need is sugar and coconut oil, yep just that!

Coconut oil is a miraculous oil, full of benefits for you from head to toe. For skin it is a moisturizer, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant, we can’t say mother earth doesn’t love us, right? 

coconut sugar scrub

And the best part, it is as simple as using ½ cup of sugar per ¼ coconut oil mix the two together completely and rub your hands and/or feet with your new high class-all natural moisturizer.

coconut sugar scrub1

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