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Love Yourself!

Author: Dr. Michael L. Johnson is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Neurologist who has been in private practice in Appleton, WI since 1983. He is a consultant to other doctors around the world ( and he is the author of seven books which can be found at  


Let’s reflect on some of the major emotional issues that many chronic health patients face – Fear, Guilt, Depression, and perhaps, some Shame.  While I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, between all of my years on this planet and the fact that I work with a lot of chronic condition patients for over thirty years, including cancer patients, I have learned a few things that I would like to share with you.

I strongly feel that emotionally healing is a HUGE part of healing and especially when it comes to a chronic health conditions!  

When a person is diagnosed with a chronic health condition, Fear maybe the first emotion that runs through their mind.  “Will I ever get better?,” is a comment that I often hear when I address chronic condition patients. Remember, the title of my books- You Can Beat (name of condition)…Naturally!  Make this your first affirmation each and every day; embrace this new life challenge as an opportunity rather than a crisis.  This IS your opportunity to regain control of your body, mind and spirit, all you need to do is follow through will the vital information I am giving you!   Reflect on what is your biggest fear when living with any chronic disease.  There are natural protocols that I discuss extensively in my books that are non-invasive, safe, and promote energy and strength.  Something your body is or has been lacking, so embrace your fears and conquer them.

Guilt is another barrier for chronic condition patients in loving themselves.  They tend to reflect on all the bad decisions they may have made in their lives and feel that they actually deserve to feel horrible.  NO ONE should ever feel that they deserve to be sick!  Let go of the past and begin to live life free of guilt.  God didn’t put you on this planet to struggle day in and day out!  He did give you choice on how you want to live each day so live free and live in the moment!

love yourself
Shame is closely connected with guilt.  As we think of how we may have taken advantage of our youth and health, we may now feel shame for doing so.  We ALL make mistakes, it is a part of being human, so forgive yourself NOW and move forward.   ALL of us have baggage, drop it wherever you are and let it go!  If others don’t want to forgive you, don’t worry about it, as they witness your newfound strength and positive light, they just may find forgiveness in themselves.  Remember, this is you fighting for your life so do so in valiant strides and forgive yourself.  Live each day being kind to yourself and others.

Depression can actually prohibit you from healing; as it tears down the healthy cells from their pure healthy state.  You will be dealing with doctors that may have desensitized themselves from their patients.  This does happen in the healthcare community, however, not with me!  Stick up for yourself and state – I Can Beat (Name of Disease)!

You are not going to be the same after fighting any chronic condition.  You can either lose your faith and hope, or you can evolve into a more loving place within.  I am going to tell you now, this is no small challenge.  Learn the meaning of your depression, fear, anger, or any other negative emotion you may be feeling right now.   Notice that inner creativity and strength dwelling inside and you will begin to get that urge to do something.

This is the beginning of that evolvement for a new beginning and right NOW is the starting point.  Research all the information that I give to you in my books, reach out to others, meet people who are also facing this a chronic condition such as yours and overcoming it.  Forget the feeling that struggling for something more is just not worth it.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Get a piece of paper, or even better, start a journal, and begin to create a “to do” list.  Research every term I give you in my books, every test, all the types of protocols to do, etc.

The internet is a great resource, use it!  Make a list of your passions, things you love to do, things you want to do–And Do Them!.  Live each day in positive light; stay away from any negative thoughts or people.   I tell everyone that I am “allergic to negative people” because, I AM!  If I perceive that you are the least bit negative, you will not be seeing me in any way, shape, or form.

I have a strong belief in God and I know that the good Lord is working in my life on a daily basis.  I am not saying that you have to believe in God to heal but perhaps consider reconnecting with the spiritual side of yourself.

In Chinese medicine, emotions are related to specific organs such as the liver is related to anger and jealousy.  The kidneys are related to fear and anxiety.   The stomach is related to disgust, the lung to grief, the gall bladder to resentment, and the spleen to low self-esteem.  Unresolved emotions can and do affect your physical health!

Again, I am not a psychiatrist or a psychologist but I address emotions with all of my patients by using positive affirmations and muscle testing.  I have the patient state the affirmation and if the muscle that I am testing goes weak after the patient states the affirmation, it needs to be addressed.

Honestly, it is a 90-second fix and it is very easy.  I use the following affirmations…
Now I can be healthy!
Now I can do whatever it takes to be healthy!
Now I can be prosperous!  (This is important because so many sick people do not think that they can ever work again!)
Now I can love myself! (I see this one with a lot of chronic patients, especially cancer patients!)
Now I can forgive myself! (This one is big with chronic and cancer patients too!)
Now I can be loved!
Now I can change!
Now I am free of fear!
Now I can be happy!
Now I can be successful!
Now I can express my true magnificence!  (I like that one!)
Now I can unconditionally give love to others!
Now I can live life to the fullest!
Now I can feel joy!
Now I can have a wonderful, lasting relationship with (significant other)!
Now I can love and forgive________! (There could be a bunch on this one…ex-spouse, ex-relationship, father, mother, sibling, relative, friend, etc.  If you don’t forgive others that you feel have wronged you, my feeling is that you will never completely heal!)

ANY traumatic event has to be addressed like a divorce, bankruptcy, surgery, auto accident, etc. has to be addressed for the patient to heal.

One of the BEST books that I have read on helping one to heal emotionally is Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz.  I highly recommend this book and I especially like the CD version that you can get from any bookstore or it is also available on 

FOCUS ON YOUR HEART!!!!  If you are truly serious about healing, focus on your heart with every word that you speak and every action that you take!!!  You will find that when YOU change, the world around you will change!
The bottom line is this…
Go easy on yourself and start Loving Yourself, NOW!

—Dr. Michael L. Johnson
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