Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to avoid putting on weight in a relationship

When you're in love keeping on track with exercise and your diet often flies out the window. Trainer Kirsty Welsh shows you how to avoid putting on relationship weight 

How to avoid putting on weight in a relationship  

Don't cancel workout

Does he call to arrange a date and you cancel your exercise plans? Repeat after me, “I’ll always put my health first.” Your wellbeing is a priority, and interrupting your workout rituals can have a negative effect on your mental, emotional and physical health. Exercising with a partner can be fun, even if his weights are four times heavier than yours, so suggest training together before you cancel on yourself.

Snack smart

Males tend to keep the pantry full and the fridge empty, which means snacks are more likely to be chips and fatty dips than carrots and hummus. Be prepared and stash a container of veg sticks in your bag. There’s no need to feel embarrassed in wanting to be healthy.

Skip dessert

We’re more likely to tuck into sweet treats when the happy love hormones kick in, but declining won’t kill the dinner-date vibe. Indulging the dessert desire more often than not? Remember the extra body fat is far less enjoyable than 10 minutes of sugary pleasure.

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