Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Infographic about cognitive skills

The human brain is the most potent and strong muscle of our body and it demonstrate that to us every day. However, we need exercise our brain to keep it fit. And just as going to the gym improves our muscles more than just walking, using mental training software is more effective than solving crossword puzzles.

This is what our two experts in the field, Shlomo Breznitz and Eduard Punset, are talking about. They discover to us the cognitive skills that our brain uses every time we do an activity in our daily life, such as meeting a friend for have a beer or preparing a meal.

Cognitive skills enable us, without even realizing, cross a busy street without bumping with anyone or greet our friend instantly when we met him while we go for a walk.

Do you want to discover other cognitive skills that are present in this type of activities? Just continue reading this infographic provided by Cognifit Games.

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