Wednesday, January 15, 2014

4 simple ways to stay in shape

The most difficult part after losing weight is to maintain it. Here are some easy ways for you to stay in shape.
Don't sit for a very long time
If you actually cut short your time of sitting constantly in front of the TV or your PC, and move around in between your working hours or generally at home, chances are you will not put on weight and also maintain it well.

Make time for regular exercise
Though you might have reached your ideal weight but you still have to make some time for exercise on a regular basis. You don't ideally have to carry on the same set of exercises that you previously did to lose weight, but doing any sort of exercise will ensure that you stay in form and do not put on weight again.

Skip fast food
Just because you've lost all those extra kilos does not mean that you can eat whatever you like. Instead you need to keep a tab on what you are eating regularly. Avoid munching on fatty foods. Though it might seem invigorating, but if you stay clear of fast foods, you will also stay in great shape.

Don't drink soda
Drinking diet drinks or sodas can actually make you fat! Instead opt for fresh fruit juices. Remember that you have to stick to your goals and you cannot afford to go back to your nasty junk food now.

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