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Get into shape in two weeks!

THE WORKOUT In addition to the meal plan, it is crucial to follow some exercises throughout the week to enable you to shed those flabs effectively. The first week should comprise of a few aerobic moves. Remember to walk, jog or cycle for about 30 minutes every day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Do two sets of the following:

15 Push-ups - Do this in a set of two.

20 Biceps - Try this with five pounds of weight. Stand straight, keeping your elbows at your sides. Bend your arms and lift the weights to your shoulders and then lower.

Side bend - Stretch your arms. Bend about 45 degrees to both the sides and hold position to a count of 15. Straighten and repeat. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Do two sets of the following:

20 squat backs - Stand straight, feet shoulder width apart. Stick your hips and bend your knees until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Bend and straighten.

20 step up - Stand in front of a staircase or stepping bench and step up onto one entire foot while lifting the other knee up to your belly button and then step down.

15 calf raises - Keeping your torso straight, rise up on your toes and then lower.

20 crunches - Lift your shoulder blades an inch and then an inch higher and then lower.

40 bicycles - Lie on your back with your knees bent and fingers placed behind your head. Lift your shoulder blades and feet an inch off the floor and pedal by bringing one elbow to the opposite knee and then switching sides. WHAT YOUR BODY REQUIRES You might experience hunger pangs throughout the two weeks. Keep a check on the level of food consumption to help burn your fat faster since the metabolism rate in every individual is different.An average individual should ideally consume approximately 1,500 calories per day.

Protein - The recommended amount of protein for a healthy adult is 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight.

Fats - 85-100 grams of fat should be consumed per day.

Carbohydrates - Approximately 185-190 grams of carbohydrates should be consumed per day.

Vitamins - Vitamins are organic food substances which are essential for the human body to function properly. Vitamins in any form (A, D,E,B12) should be consumed every day. Keep in mind Nutritionist, Dr Anjali Mukherjee says, "The consumption of vegetable juice helps build antioxidant reserve in your body which in turn will improve your skin tone and detoxify your body from unwanted fat deposists."
Intake of green tea is a must.

Keep about 11-12 hours gap between your dinner and breakfast the next morning.

It is recommended to finish your dinner by 8 pm, which gives the body enough time to digest the food before you retire at night. How many times have you started out on a diet but felt sluggish and cranky? With New Year around the corner, there's just about two weeks left to shape up. But that's not too less if you follow the right diet and tone up a bit. We talk to experts to help you form a healthy diet plan. Don't forget the exercises. MEAL PLAN Remember that the first meal of the day should be consumed within an hour of waking up. Henceforth, you should take small meals every three hours. Make it a point to include at least one serving of protein in your diet and drink about 2-3 litres of water every day.

WEEK 1 Vegetarian:
On waking up - 1 banana
9 am - Post workout - 1 glass of protein shake + 1 boiled potato
10:30 am - home cooked breakfast like upma, idli and oats and milk
1 pm - 1 or 2 chapatis, 1 bowl legume, 1 glass of buttermilk
3 pm - 1 glass coconut water
5 pm - 1 fruit (mosambi, orange, apple, papaya or muskmelon)
7:30 pm - 1 bowl salad and 1 bowl of clear veg soup
8:30 pm - 1 chapati or jowar roti + 1 bowl veg and 1 bowl dal Non-vegetarian:
On waking up - 1 glass warm water + 2-3 tsp flax seeds
7:30 am - 2 egg whites or boiled egg
9:30 am - Post workout - 1 glass skimmed milk
11:30 am - 1 fruit (mosambi, orange, apple)
1:30 pm - 1 roti or 1 bowl of brown rice, 1 bowl salad, 2-3 pieces of chicken or 1 piece of fish
3 pm - 1 cup green tea
5:30 pm - 1 fruit
7:30 am - 1 bowl chicken soup
8:30 pm - 1 roti, 2-3 pieces of chicken or 1 piece of fish

WEEK 2 Vegetarian:
On waking up - 1 fruit
7:30 am - post workout - 1 cup tea with no sugar or green tea or 1 glass of mint and coriander juice
9 am - 1 besan chilla with green chutney
1 pm - 1-2 jowar chapatis + 1 bowl vegetable clear soup (optional) + 1 bowl of vegetables (avoid potatoes) + 1 cup skimmed milk curd + 1 bowl salad
5 pm - 1 cup tea with no sugar or green tea or lemon tea + roasted channa
7 pm - 1 jowar chapati, 1 cup dal, 1-2 cup vegetables (avoid potatoes) + 1 bowl vegetable soup (optional) + 1 bowl salad Non- vegetarian:
On waking up - 1 fruit
7: 30 am - post workout - 1 cup tea, or green tea or 1 glass of tomato coriander juice
9 am - 1 toast (whole wheat bread) + 1 egg white + 1 cup of skimmed milk
1 pm - 1-2 jowar chapatis, 1 bowl vegetable soup (optional) + 1 piece grilled chicken + 1 bowl salad
5 pm - 1 cup tea or green tea or lemon tea + roasted channa
8 pm - 1-2 jowar chapatis, 1 piece grilled fish/chicken + 1 bowl vegetable soup (optional) + 1 cup salad

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