Tuesday, April 8, 2014

10 worst drinks for kids

Soft drinks have no nutritional value, are sugary and acidic, allof which can lead to tooth decay. Each can contains approximately 9 teaspoons of sugar and artificial flavours.

Bubble tea contains high sugar levels, artificial flavors and colouring which can be harmful for growing children. The pearls found in bubble tea are high in calories and pose as a health deterrent.

Milkshakes are loaded with sugar and saturated fats. Instead of milkshakes, try fruit smoothies and homemade chocolate milk.

Beverages such as iced tea, herbal tea, and energy drinks contain caffeine or other stimulants, which have no nutritional value and can be potentially harmful for growing children.

Contain large amounts of caffeine and artificial sweeteners which have no nutritional value and can be potentially harmful for growing children.

Local drinks on the street side are always so flavourful and refreshing for a hot sunny day, but have you ever considered how much excess sugar and milk in involved in making a glass of Bandung? It contains at least 3 tablespoons of sugar and excess syrup. These drinks should only be consumed occasionally.

Soda is a form of a sweetened and fizzy beverage. Soda can be given to children in minimal amounts, and mixing it with packaged fruit drinks makes the sugar content worse.

Any beverage with the word "diet' usually has a higher content of chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

Like any other sweetened local drink, chendol has as high sugar content as the green jelly.

Chin chow is unhealthy because of the high sugar content and they are still readily available in hawker centres all around in Singapore.

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