Saturday, April 26, 2014

6 Hidden Facts Why You are Gaining Weight

Starving your body
If you think that by eating sparingly for fifteen days, you will get in shape, then it is utter rubbish! Bodies that go into the sudden starvation mode end up saving more calories than burning them. Your body is like a system, which needs fuel to conduct its basic metabolic activities, including burning the fat. Hence, when you move towards a crash diet, your body starts saving up the existing energy instead of dispersing it.

Watch what you eat!
Binging on food labelled as ‘low-fat’ can also make you gain weight. Such products often have high levels of sugar, which add to the calorie count and therefore, leading you on to gain weight on a sly. Hence, instead of going for such items, resort to fresh home-cooked foods to aid your weight loss.

Sedentary lifestyle
Are you are eating right, but still failing to lose those kilos? It is about time you pay a close attention to your lifestyle. Having a sedentary and lazy life or being a couch potato can be a major reason behind those excess tiers around your tummy. Switch to an exercise regime that is well-suited for your body or cultivate an interest in few sport activities. Try yoga, swimming, jogging or dancing to lose weight. Even a simple brisk walk for 30 minutes every day can help you in a big way.

Check your meds
Certain prescription medicines have side-effects that can lead to sudden weight gain as well. You need to check with your doctor, to confirm your fears. If possible, get him to prescribe other medicinal substitutes that do not have such drastic side-effects on your body and its metabolism.

Sleeping patterns
Does sleep elude your eyelids, during the night? You may not realise this but this too can be a reason behind your love handles! Your body functions perfectly only when it is well-rested. Irregular sleep patterns disturb your body’s metabolism and, thus, result in weight gain.


Quit drinking
Did you think that ‘beer belly’ was a joke? Unfortunately, it is not. Liver is your body’s chief blood detoxifier and fat metaboliser; due to alcohol it becomes unable to perform these functions efficiently. Alcohol spoils your liver, thus, leading to weight gain.

It is always good to get a better understanding of your body’s metabolism. So, next time when you feel that you have tried everything and are still unable to lose weight, then try shedding some light on these factors, as well.

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