Wednesday, April 9, 2014

7 Slimming Body Wraps for a Bride-to-be

After the wedding date is finalised, one thing that bothers every soon-to-be bride is her look. She makes every possible effort to look slim and beautiful. And, for this, she undergoes various beauty treatments. But, one thing which most brides overlook is a body wrap. This spa treatment is a complete beauty solution in itself. It nourishes the skin, gives it a glow and even works on the cellulite. So, take a look at a few body wraps that will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day.

What is a body wrap?

Body wrap is a type of spa treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells and revitalises tired skin. It also acts as an effective cleanser and skin softener, giving the skin an added moisture boost. Besides working its magic on skin, it also helps in slimming and toning of the body. It is a traditional remedy to relieve body ache and enhance flexibility. It helps you relax by loosening tight muscles and enhancing blood flow. For outstanding results you need to ensure that you select the right wrap depending on your skin texture, tone and complexion. Choose the one that suits you to avoid any build-up of rashes and acne.

Now, let's get to know about a few wraps and see how to they work wonders for your body.
Chocolate wrap

Chocolate wrap revitalises your skin, giving it a smooth and supple texture. Because of its hydrating property, it also helps in reducing wrinkles. It moisturises the skin and gives a radiant glow. It works on your cellulite as well. The smell of cocoa releases endorphin hormone, which induces the feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Algae wrap
Applying a warm algae paste as a wrap nourishes and detoxifies the skin. It gives you a truly mesmerising experience by toning your skin. Algae contains high levels of iodine that speeds up the metabolism process. As a result, the body burns more fat. So, this is a last-minute measure for weight loss, especially for soon-to-be brides who try to lose inches till the last possible hour.

Mud wrap 
A layer of therapeutic mud firms the skin, improves blood circulation, heals the pain and improves elasticity of the skin. Due to its anti-stress properties, mud draws out impurities from the body. Apart from flushing out toxins, it also tones your body.

Frigi thalgo wrap
Popularly known as the anti-cellulite treatment, it is a cold wrap (made up of marine algae) that is highly effective in reducing the fat deposited in the lower body parts. It controls fluid retention (a major cause of fat deposition) in the hip and thigh and abdomen area.

Herbal wrap
Even herbal wraps make you look leaner and more toned. Different herbs such as lavender, rosemary, chamomile, lemongrass, etc. are mixed with oils and put in extremely hot water. Cloth sheets are then dipped in this solution and wrapped around the body. The herbal qualities of this wrap aid detoxification and blood purification. It nourishes the skin, removes dead skin cells and tones your body. This can also be performed at home.

Oil wrap 
It is a must wrap for all those with a dry and dull skin. Aroma therapy oils are used in this wrap that moisturise dry and dehydrated skin. It also improves blood circulation and metabolism. This wrap also eases aches and tension in the body muscles.

Paraffin wrap
This is a complete body exfoliation process, which not only softens your skin, but also soothes your senses. Just enjoy the deep penetrating warmth of wax brushed over your body. This heat treatment is beneficial in reducing the muscle and joint pain and can also ease your stress. It also helps in weight loss.

From weight loss and glowing skin to busting stress, these body wraps can really be helpful for a soon-to-be bride. But, if pregnant ladies are trying them, they must consult their health practitioner first.

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