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Must-know pool safety tips for your toddler

shutterstock 81191764 Must know pool safety tips for your toddler

It is not a mystery why toddlers are like walking magnets for accidents. They are at a stage when everything seems so fascinating for them. It seems like they want explore everything. They are so mobile that they can’t stop themselves from crawling, walking, hopping, and running. Their energy seems so endless that it is sometimes so difficult to keep up with them. What we all need to know is that toddlers do not really have a concept of danger.

A lot of the toddlers love to swim. Water holds a certain appeal for them.  For a lot of toddlers, swimming time can be one of the most exciting and memorable activities for them. Sadly, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for toddlers worldwide. I’m sure that all parents want their children to be safe. So if you have a swimming pool or regularly bring your kids to one, then you have to make sure that you take certain precautions.

Pools can be fun yet very dangerous for toddlers because they think that they can do anything including walking on water. No matter how behaved a child may be, he or she will still be very curious and at risk for drowning. A lot of toddlers drown because of parents who think that their children are too well-behaved to jump into the pool. It is every parent’s responsibility to keep their children safe no matter what their personality or behaviour may be.
  1. Never leave your children unsupervised even for a second. It is very important that you keep an eye on them at all times. If you want to leave the pool, bring your kids with you. Never think that someone else is watching over them. Don’t let them swim if nobody can look after them. Floaters are not substitutes for supervision.
  2. Help your kids learn swimming safety skills. Your toddlers should learn how to relax in water and to hold their breath when under water in case of emergencies. It would also help if they could learn how to recover their breath and swimming to the side of the pool when they start drowning. This will really be helpful just in case your kid goes into the pool without your knowledge.
  3. Do not be too complacent even if your children know how to swim. A big percentage of drowning happen to children who have had swimming lessons. Toddlers who accidentally fall into a pool will immediately panic and forget everything that they’ve learned about swimming.
  4. If your child jumps into a pool and starts to drown, dive in and get him or her out as quickly as you can. This advice may seem very silly but a lot of children die because their parents panic and freeze in place when they see their children drowning.
  5. Set limits as soon as you and your family arrive at the pool. Tell your kids that they can only get into the pool when you are with them.
  6. If you have a pool in your backyard, make sure that you put child-safe locks in your doors so your children will not be able to go to your pool unnoticed. Install a fence around your pool to prevent them from jumping into it unsupervised. Make sure that you remove objects that they can use to climb over the fence.
  7. Put away toys, especially those with wheels, from the pool area. Your children might accidentally fall into the pool while playing with these.
  8. Children who cannot swim should have floaters just in case they jump into the pool while you are not looking.
  9. Learn CPR and first aid. Have an action plan prepared so you will know what to do in case of emergency. You should also have a telephone installed in your pool area which you can use during emergencies.

    Remember, when it comes to your children, safety is of utmost importance. Now that you’ve read these tips, it’s time for you to don your swim suits and head off for the pool.

    Oh, wait! Don’t forget to bring a bottle of sunscreen so that you and your family will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

    Well then, have fun!

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