Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

While sporting a baby bump can easily be rated as the best feeling in the world for us women but showing off those stretch marks, not really! Stretch marks happen when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic limit like when you are pregnant causing the elastin (skin fibre) to break. Elastin does not have regenerative properties hence it breaks leaving a mark. 

Our skin can throw surprises in forms of stretch marks even when not pregnant. This usually happens due to excessive weight loss or weight gain.  And, it is not just restricted to our breed but men who work out a lot seem to complain of these too.   

The idea is to not get irked by these marks but look at effective ways to curb them.      

Doctors’ popular advice
'Prevention is better than cure’ should come to your rescue if you practice it religiously. Consider taking Vitamin A, C and E or at least two out of three to prevent stretch marks from happening. Applying jojoba oil, Aloe Vera gel and Shea butter on the affected area regularly can help lighten them. 

Grandma’s shelf
While some people swear by ‘dadi ma ke nuske’, others don’t care much. Why don’t you try and see for yourself if regular application of sandalwood paste along with coconut oil and haldi (kasturi turmeric) does any good to you. Applying Vicks Vaporub with the help of a washcloth is a super technique that you mustn’t ignore. Since it can be done in the comforts of your home, it is worth a try!

Creamy Solutions
Don’t obsess over multiple counter creams. Rather, choose wisely. Know what ingredients you are really looking for in a pre or post natal stretch mark solution. The correct cream or oil effectively eases the discomfort of dry, stretching skin. 

Try VLCC Pre Natal Stretch mark control cream enriched with Shea butter, grapefruit extract and Vitamin E to prevent stretch marks. Their post-natal stretch mark cream contains Aloe Vera gel, germanium oil helpful in fading the marks to revitalize the skin. 

Sunny side up
Don’t bank on this treatment alone but a little tanning and exposure to the sun can help you banish stretch marks. Wear sunscreen lotion and let your skin get some natural Vitamin D in the open. Increase water intake. 

Peel off
Ever thought of cosmetic treatments like microdermabrasion? It is basically a surgical process for removal of skin imperfections, especially wrinkles, by means of a vacuum containing mineral crystals. There are chemical peels like retinoid available in the market that could also help. 

Tech up
Fractional laser resurfacing that creates microscopic wounds and helps produce new collagen and epithelium is one of the newer treatments available. One must consult a qualified dermatologist who will guide you about your best treatment options suiting your skin. 

There is no magic cure for stretch marks, but derms agree that using some potent solutions can really work. It is imperative to give these a shot before plunging into any surgical methods. 

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