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10 mistakes husbands make

Men are often clueless about the simple behavioral mistakes they make in their marriage. By avoiding these mistakes, husbands can keep their wives happy and marriages peaceful. Decode the secrets to marital bliss with our list of 10 mistakes to avoid.

Check out 10 common mistakes husbands should avoid making
The age-old jokes involving wives overreacting and fault-finding are guaranteed to generate a lot of laughs. However, what is constantly overlooked are the reasons why wives get upset and hurt in the first place. A lot of it has to do with husbands and their attitudes. So ladies, it really is his fault for getting you all riled up to begin with. If men were to avoid these 10 common mistakes, their wives and lives would be a lot happier. Do you recognise some of these mistakes?

1) Overly dominant
Not all women want to be submissive, and being a man doesn’t automatically mean that he has the upper hand in the relationship. Husbands should treat their wives as equals and not as junior partners. A husband should always include his wife in all decision-making, and should ask her opinions on important matters too.

2) Not being appreciative
Say “thank you”. Actions may speak louder than words, but this is not an excuse for husbands to neglect thanking their wives with their words. Whether for a home-cooked meal, a new shirt or for buying him his favorite snack, husbands should consistently show and express their appreciation. One husband I know even thanks his wife every time she does his laundry and changes their sheets. Needless to say, his wife almost never nags and theirs continues to be a happy marriage.
3) Doesn’t compliment enough
Women love being complimented, and who better to compliment them than their husbands. A husband should not neglect to flatter his wife on her appearance, especially if she made a special effort to look good. Tell your wife how beautiful she is and tell her often.
4) Never apologizes
During arguments; most husbands get defensive or walk out even if they are the ones who are wrong. It doesn’t have to be a contest of who gives in first, but husbands who apologize always win. Men in happy marriages know that it is important to be able to accept that they are wrong.
5) Selfish during sex
No matter how tired a husband may be, he should not forget to cater to his wife’s sexual needs. Being considerate sexually will assure his wife that she is still loved and desired. A wife who is happy in bed is happy in general.

6) Not expressive with feelings
Men are generally reticent about discussing their feelings, but a husband who wants an intimate relationship with his wife should talk about his emotions. Having open communication strengthens a marriage.
7) Doesn’t listen
Hearing is not the same as listening. Husbands should not only hear out their wives with their ears, but with their hearts and mind as well. There are times when a wife just needs to vent about her day, and her husband should hear her out with a sympathetic ear. He should not try to solve her problem or suggest a course of action. She just wants to be heard.
8) Shows disinterest
A husband who is genuinely interested in his wife’s work or hobby typically has a happier marriage. This is because he acknowledges her talents and the effort that she puts into her activities whether at home or at work. For many wives, the disinterest of their husbands in their lives is a common complaint. Take an interest in what your wife does, your attention flatters her.

9)Physical presence is not enough
Husbands who think that their wives should just be happy that they are at home, are looking for trouble. Wives want their husbands to not just be physically present, but emotionally present too. If a husband is home, he should see to it that he is also engaging in activities with his wife, even if it is just doing chores. Find something you both enjoy doing and do it together.

10.) Doesn’t help out
Aside from just opening overly tight jars, husbands should also contribute around the house. Wives may not ask for help, but they won’t decline it either. The faster the chores are done, the sooner the playing can begin. Ask your wife if you can help her with something and then do it. Your marriage will be a happier place for that little bit of extra effort.

Do you recognise some of these mistakes? Share your thoughts with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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