Monday, July 28, 2014

Mimo Baby Monitoring Onesie

This is a high-tech activity tracker that allows parents to keep track of health related data regarding their infants. It enables parents to be more aware of any potential discomfort or illness which could develop.

There are three main components of the Mimo system: The kimono onesie, an attachable low-energy Bluetooth Turtle, and a Lilypad WiFi base station and charger. All three connect: The kimono's non-contact machine washable sensors help monitor your baby's vitals, the chew-safe Turtle sends the information wirelessly to the nearby Lilypad, and the WiFi Lilypad beams the information to your iPhone or Android device. The Lilypad also has a mic, so all your baby's sounds can be streamed as well.

Though Mimo, you can also monitor breathing, whether the baby is awake and room and skin temperature. This can be done in real-time or you can choose to view long-term graphs of your baby's activities.

Mimo is now available for pre-sales on the website but the first units will be shipped out in February, 2014. The starter package is 3 Kimonos, 1 Turtle, and 1 Lilypad for $200.

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