Sunday, August 10, 2014

Get an amazing body

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson reveals her secrets to a slim, toned body.
Get an amazing body
You may not know her name, but you've seen the results of her work. Tracy Anderson is responsible for transforming hundreds of curvy men and women into toned, tight gods and goddesses, including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. Her techniques helped her shed 30 kilograms after the birth of her son. Here, she reveals her secrets.

Many of us yearn for flat, strong bellies because they make us feel sexy and attractive. But there's more to a strong abdomen than that, isn't there?

Our core is the centre of structural connection, connecting our lower muscles to the upper torso. Among other things, it is the area of structural stability: we need a strong core for good posture, improved balance and a pain-free back. Also, a fat abdomen increases the likelihood of heart disease and other killers. A strong core also helps us look sexier and feel more confident.

Can women who have had children ever get their beautiful, flat stomachs back?

Yes, absolutely! I'm a perfect example. But it's not easy. The only way is through smart, consistent exercise. I have dedicated much of my career to solving this problem for women because I was horrified by what happened to my body after giving birth to my son, Sam.
That's how I developed my post-pregnancy program, which reawakens the core abdominal muscles (which separate during pregnancy) through my unique sequence of exercises. The bottom line is start exercising immediately after your doctor gives you the green light.

Is it true that once we hit a certain age we're destined to have flabby stomachs and thick middles?

In my experience, anyone can have an amazing body at any age. All it takes is a consistent and intelligent approach. As I always say to my clients, young and old: if you do the work, if you exercise with focus, commitment and clear outcomes in mind, you will have a youthful, energised body. If you don't do the work, or don't do it in a smart way, then you will pay the price. That being said, it is true that when we hit 30 or thereabouts, our bodies begin to show signs of physical decline. We must fight for our quality of life and we should start now. But incredible change is possible in all areas, no matter who you are. Your mid-section can get tight again, your arms can get strong, your legs long and sexy. You can even regain sexual vibrancy again!

Does diet matter more than exercise, or exercise more than diet, or should we be focusing on both?

Both. Your body is a reflection of what you eat and how you move. The foods we eat and the exercises we choose have a direct relationship to our energy levels and body shape. If we do the work, the results will be visible for all. Inner and outer beauty require care and attention. But it can be time-consuming. For whatever reason, most people who have flabby bodies don't have positive associations with exercising and eating well, but those with sexy bodies usually have positive associations. Once we become fit, a great workout feels better than eating a chocolate sundae. When we eat clean, nutritious foods, we feel more powerful than when we're eating junk. It is just convenient to eat poorly and not exercise. In my experience, some of the most successful people in the world - those with the most demands on their time - make time for proper nutrition and consistent exercise. We can no longer make excuses.

What part does attitude play in our quest for health, fitness and beautiful bodies?

Attitude is everything. It is the inspiration that allows us to move our bodies when we are unmotivated. And it's the motivation that gets us to work consistently, especially when things get tough. Attitude helps us attain the body we always wanted, but thought was beyond our reach. I have learned through my years of research and training countless women and men around the world, that the mind, when used properly, is a powerful tool that can make our dreams a reality. But, like every other muscle, it must be exercised. So we must stay positive and fight for the physical and emotional health we deserve.

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