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Top Nutritional Unprocessed Foods to Gain Perfect Fitness

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Attaining perfect fitness is becoming a major point of concern in the current generation. The concern is attributed to the rising cases of obesity and unhealthy living standards. Another major cause is the food available off the shelf. Most of the food being sold in groceries and stores is processed. By being processed it means there are some chemical additives introduced to increase the shelf life of the products. These chemicals go a long way into making the food unhealthy and unfit for consumption if you are concerned about your health and fitness. It is important to try as much as possible to consume only food that is unprocessed if you want to achieve perfect fitness. Even after consuming unprocessed foods, it is important to keep exercising to cut down on unnecessary weight gain.
The following are top nutritional unprocessed foods to gain perfect fitness.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the farm are unprocessed. If you can acquire them before they reach the grocery you are lucky. Such fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value in that they contain high vitamin and carbohydrates content which is essential in gaining perfect fitness.

Freshly laid eggs are the best to get proteins. Even the eggs you buy from a local grocery are processed because they have undergone pasteurization. This is a process meant to kill bacteria found in eggs in order to increase the shelf life. Unprocessed proteins is essential in that it contain raw proteins which when taken helps you gain perfect fitness. This is the reason why body builders take raw eggs early in the morning to aid in muscle building.

If you want the best unprocessed milk is raw milk directly from the farm. Even the milk you buy out there is processed. Raw milk has to undergo pasteurization in order to prevent it from being contaminated and going bad easily. By undergoing pasteurization, the milk is already processed. Raw dairy have high nutritional content rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. The proteins help in body building, the vitamins in developing an immune body system while minerals are essential in development of strong bones.
The grains you find at the grocery are already processed in one way or another. The only unprocessed grains are the ones directly from the plantation and have only been dried. Processing of grain is either by cracking flaking or crushing then adding some additives to preserve them for many more days. Unprocessed grains are rich in healthy carbohydrates which is essential in the production of energy in order to attain perfect fitness.

Honey is the best source of unprocessed sugar. Adding several spoons to your tea ensures you live a healthy life. There is no instant where honey is processed unless it is not natural honey. Honey always exists in natural form even for months without any preservative. The unprocessed sugar is essential in production of healthy glucose which is later converted to energy you need while working out. This goes a long way in ensuring you gain perfect body fitness.

As much as you may try to keep fit by eating healthy unprocessed foods, you might not be as fit as you wanted if you do not try to keep fit, try exercising as much as possible. However, to be on the safe side, one should apply for e111 health insurance to make sure that in case of anything, you can get medical attention at a state owned medical facility.

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