Friday, December 12, 2014

Ten Valuable Tips to Avoid Back Pain

Marcus, who is the director of muscle pain research at the New York University School of Medicine said on "The Early Show," that people seek medical advice for back pain most than for anything else. 

Also, the National Institutes of Health revealed that four out of five Americans would suffer from disabling back pain during their lifetime, reports CBS News. 

However, Marcus offered tips to prevent back pain: 

1. Your bed does matter- The physician advised tossing and turning at night and getting rid of sagging mattress if you have one. 

2. What you do in bed matters- Reading or watching television while lying down is best avoided as when you lift your head to view the screen your muscles may contract causing pain in the neck. 

3. Don't just sit there- Apparently, staying in a particular position for too long stresses the postural muscles in your body. Hence, one should frequently change positions. 

4. Cross your legs- The doctor advised alternately crossing a leg if you are sitting for long hours in a particular place, like while in a theatre, as it helps move back and hip muscles. 

5. Around the house: Regularly used household items should be preferably kept on easily accessible shelves, as it can help avoid bending and stretching movements. 

6. Watch where you put your wallet: Marcus advised men to completely stop sitting with wallet in the back pocket as it can result chronic pain. 

7. Just say no- Lifting heavy weights should be avoided. Marcus added: "Ask for help, wait for help, hire help-or walk away." 

8. When you do have to lift a heavy object, bend with your knees and hips - hile lifting heavy objects it should be brought close to the body, such that leg muscles bear maximum pressure. 

9. Shoveling snow: A short walk to warm up before beginning to shovel may be a good idea. Also, a smaller blade can help limit each load¸ as snow is pretty heavy. 

10. For women only: Women should try to lose weight after pregnancy and strengthen key postural and abdominal muscles, as it is weakened and stretched. 

Apart from all the above advice, Marcus also suggested not putting computer keyboards on top of the desk in office to be handy for office employees. 

He said: "To avoid neck, shoulder and back muscle strain, your arms should be positioned so that you reach down to use the keyboard, which is the reason keyboard trays can be found under desktops."

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