Thursday, January 12, 2017

15 Situations Every Girl Can Relate to

They make promises to themselves to eat only healthy food, and the next moment they crave sweets. They risk wearing a new dress when the weather is rainy. Well, girls will be girls!

I know what I want.

I dress for the weather. But the weather always has different plans.

I always behave like a true lady in public.

I’m a woman of indomitable will.

It’s always nice and clean in my house. Almost always.

I can make a commitment.

I control my emotions.

I know how to surprise someone.

I choose only comfortable shoes.

I wear comfortable clothes.

I follow my healthy diet, especially when I’m with friends.

I don’t stay up all night. Well, I try not to.

I know when to stop.

I know how to relax.

I can control myself. For a while.

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