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Top 8 Workout Secrets For Weight Loss Fast

Author Bio: This guest post is by Nga Do, a beauty and health blogger with over many years of experience on searching the weight loss tips and other effective remedies for skin & hair care and health problems.
Although it is considered a challenge for many people to lose weight successfully, this doesn't mean that you may not reduce weight. Losing some pounds of weight often depends on both your diet and your workout plan. When you have a correct workout plan, it will surely help to lose the fat. Remember that whether you do exercise in the morning or afternoon, you are doing something great for your mind and body. Here some workout secrets that may help you to lose weight successfully. Continue reading my post to check them out!

1. Do Workout To Start Your Day

If you are trying to lose weight, try to do your workout regularly in the early morning. This will increase your metabolism that in turn gives you more energy during all day and promote the calorie-burning process. In fact, if you do a workout regularly before your breakfast, you will burn out more calories.

According to a study in the Journal of Physiology in 2010, fasted training is more effective than fed training in order to facilitate adaptations in your muscles and improve the glucose tolerance & insulin sensitivity in the body during a test time involving in a hypercaloric, fat-high diet. In addition, doing the moderate aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes in the morning can help to improve concentration, cognitive function, and reading comprehension.

Try to get up earlier than usual to lose weight faster and get better cardiovascular health.

2. Doing Exercises After Warming Up Yourself

Before starting your workout, remember to warm up yourself. This will promote the flow of blood in the body, stretch out your muscles, let your heart ample time adjust to the increasing demand of your body for oxygen, and reduce the chance of injuries significantly.

According to a study in Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research in 2010, warming up the body before performing exercises increases performance.

Warming up the body for 10 to 20 minutes may make you more active after your workout, which will increase the number of burned calories.

You can warm up yourself by jogging for 5 minutes, marching the high-knee for 5 minutes, doing toe-reach stretch exercises for 5 minutes, doing side stretch exercises, and performing hip-flexor stretch exercises.

3. Do Short Workouts During The Day

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, doing some short workouts during the day is as effective as a long workout.

In a study published in the Clinical Physiology & Functional Imaging in 2011, repeating a moderate exercise for 10 minutes may contribute to greater fat oxidation than a continuous exercise within 30 minutes.

Therefore, if you are not patient enough or don't have enough time to do exercises for 30 minutes to 1 hour, you may perform several short workouts for 10 minutes for 3 to 6 times per day. For example, you may do a quick cardio exercise in the morning, walking during your lunch hour, or a strength session after having dinner.

However, make sure that you should perform at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week regularly.

4. Diversify Your Workouts

This is one of the healthiest exercise routines that can help to give you the best results. When you perform the same workout daily, your body will get used to this. Over time, your workout becomes easier for you, which makes you burn out fewer calories than before. Therefore, experts recommend doing different exercises, including a new fitness in your workout routine, and doing the same workout in a different order. In addition, diversifying your workouts also helps to prevent you from being bored with your daily routine, which is the main reason why should not follow an exercise plan.

According to a study in the Behavioral Medicine’s Journal in 2016, diversifying exercises is an effective way to help the previously inactive people to try to do exercises. A perfect plan of workout should contain five crucial elements of fitness training, including aerobic exercise, core exercises, strength training, stretching, and balance training.

5. Incorporate Weight Training

For weight loss quickly, try lifting weights with many repetitions, which will help to burn fat and build muscle. In fact, the more muscle you get, the more calories the body burns. You need more calories than fat in order to maintain your muscle. In addition, weight training also keeps the shape of your muscles, gives you a well-toned body, and reduces belly fat.

According to a study in International Journal of Cardiology in 2013, resistance training in a high intensity helps to lose belly fat faster than only cardio activity. According to a study published in the Obesity (Silver Spring) in 2015, among different activities, weight training is the most effective in losing waist fat. Besides, weightlifting may also reduce the risk of diabetes, help to fight depression, and prevent back pain.

Try to include weight lifting in your exercise routine for about 30 minutes to 1 hour for a few times per week.

6. Exercise with A Group

Nowadays, almost people like doing exercises with a group, whether in a park, at the gym, or in a warehouse. Working out with a group gives many benefits. For example, it keeps your motivation at a high level. You will get more motivated to get up early if you see an older person going to the gym every day for workouts. Or, when you see a younger person who can do all the exercises easily, you will get motivated to improve the level of your fitness. In addition, exercising in a group also help you to have the responsibility to improve your exercise level. Whether you like walking, bike riding, or running, you should find a group loving the same activities.

7. Never Be Lazy On Weekends

Even though it is recommended taking a break from the workout for 1 or 2 times per week, this doesn’t mean that you can be lazy on weekends. When you are trying to lose weight and making efforts to do exercises throughout the week, don’t be lazy on weekends and vacations. In a point of fact, only a simple dish on the weekends can be worse for your body weight than working at the office all week.

There are a lot of ways that help to keep you physically active. For example, you can go swimming or ride bike with your friends and family members. Even gardening or doing household chores may keep you physically active on the weekends. In a similar way, when you are traveling, use the gym in the hotel. You may also take part in a walking tour or rent a bike to explore the place.

8. Try Tabata Training

Any type of workout that increases the rate of your heart will surely burn off calories. In a point of fact, you can burn off more calories if you follow a cardio routine that involves in multiple muscles, such as Tabata training. It will aid in boosting up your metabolism and help to burn 13.5 calories per minute.

Almost activities can be performed in a style of Tabata training. Nevertheless, a typical Tabata workout contains 4 exercises: squats, push-ups, crunches, and jumping rope.

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