Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stop fretting over the smelly underarms

So, you are planning a hot date or that exotic vacation with your beau, where you can flaunt your lovely halters and glam noodle straps? But, you are already fretting over your smelly underarms, which can nauseate any living being? Just chill and bid adieu to this sad situation with five simple solutions...

Clean up your act: Now, we don't need to tell you that a daily bath is a must. The level of physical activity you undertake every day and the fact that you are covered in layers of woolens all contribute to this sweat. This sweat is then attacked by bacteria, which emit a foul smell.

So make sure you take a bath daily with an antibacterial soap. However be aware that this bacterium thrives in moist towels and washcloths too. Use a fresh towel every day and make sure you air dry it thoroughly after use to kill this bacteria. Also, wear clothes that let you breathe easily, like cotton and avoid synthetic material. Shaving your armpits also makes it easier to wash out the bacteria.

Antiperspirant or deodorant? There are two common products you find in abundance in the market to deal with underarm odour. They are both different, and understanding the basic difference between them can be a best way to find an ideal solution for treating your underarm stink.

Deodorants aim to fight bacteria that feed on sweat and produce the odour. These are scented and give your skin a fresh smell. The aluminium content in these plugs sweat glands, and some of these are even scented and have bacteria fighting ingredients. Their main aim is to keep the underarms dry and sweat-free. You can find natural and green products in both varieties that are better for your health as well as your skin.

Instant magic: Now, we know how antiperspirants and deodorants work. But, what when your product fails due to excessive sweat and you need a quick fix solution?

Here are some quick-fix solutions for those extremely hot days.

1. If you have a hectic day ahead that is mostly outdoors, wipe your underarms with rubbing alcohol after a bath. This will kill any bacteria in your armpits.

2. Have an important meeting? Try wet wipes or even makeup removing pads as these can instantly freshen up your underarms.

3. If you don't have wipes at hand, try your hand sanitizer. Just like it removes bacteria from your hands, it will also remove odour causing bacteria from your armpits.

Home therapy: A natural cleanser and deodorant, baking soda is a widely used remedy to combat underarm odour. Remember how your mom always used baking soda to remove nasty smells from the microwave? Now use the same formula to get rid of smelly pits. Remember that sodium bicarbonate will not stop you from sweating; it will only remove the odour. So dust your underarms with some baking soda post a shower and see the difference. You could also put it on a clean washcloth and wipe off your underarms with it.

Serious Underlying Causes: If you have tried all home remedies as well as deodorants and antiperspirants available in the market and still suffer from armpit stink, the cause can be something more serious. Persistent body odour can be a sign that you need medical help. It can be an early sign of kidney or liver diseases.

Habits you must include
- Shower at least twice a day if you sweat a lot
- Apply dusting powder in all the body folds after shower
- Wear cotton clothes
- Use the anti-perspirant on the skin
- topical application of aluminium chloride at night

- anti-fungal/talcum powders during the day

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