Thursday, July 20, 2017

This Woman’s Body Transformation Will Make You Forget The Strict Diets And Scale

Nikki Rees shows off her fitness progress.Nikki Rees has transformed her body over the last two years. The 36-year-old posted side-by-side photos of herself at 34 and now, at 36, on Instagram this week to show off her fitness progress.

The British mom of two, who often posts about her workouts and fitness struggles on the social media site, got real in the post about her diet, or lack there of, noting that her followers often ask her about it.

“It's not something I talk about or photograph that often. . I know It's not what you want to hear but the reason I don't really talk about it .. is because there's nothing really to tell,” writes Nikki.

Nikki goes on to explain that she doesn’t follow a lot of popular diets like cutting carbs after 5 p.m., intermittent fasting, clean eating or even counting calories. She admits that she often eats cake, can’t give up Prosecco, steals snacks from her kids’ junk food cupboard and eats foods like pizza and burgers.

For Nikki, it isn’t about what she puts in her body — it’s how she thinks about it. 

“The difference between the two pictures is NOT what those foods do to my body it's what those foods do to my head. 2 years ago eating sweets and takeaway and junk all day would send me into a downward spiral of feeling bad about myself. All that yummy food would actually fuel my EXCUSES to quit exercise, to not bother balancing the treats out with nutritious alternatives,” she writes. “Now these same foods (and my passion for them) fuel my AMBITION to condition my body.”

Fitter than ever, Nikki does not let a bad day derail her goals, instead she uses them as a motivator.

“I don't see it as a reason to give up ... but a reason to continue ... I don't workout out of guilt - I workout to be GUILT FREE,” she continues. “Healthy bodies start with healthy minds. So balance the food books like the intelligent rational human being your are... eat what you love every now and then And what you NEED more often than not... and on those days when it all goes horribly wrong.. as it inevitably will... just remove your face from the tub of butter... replace the lid and continue on exactly as you were.. motivated, goal orientated and #healthyAF.”

Finally, in Nikki’s transformation photo, she points out she weighs the same now as she did two years ago, which perfectly demonstrates it's not necessary to obsess over numbers.

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