Thursday, August 24, 2017

8 exercises you should never do

When it comes to health and fitness, we’re in no shortage of advice on what we should be doing.

But not all exercise is not good exercise. In fact, some of it can be pointless, damaging or potentially dangerous.

So here’s the lowdown on what exercises you should avoid, so you can concentrate on what you should be doing instead.

1. Tuck jumps

This is where you squat, then jump and tuck your knees up towards your chest.

Tuck jumps can lead to knee and ankle injuries, personal trainer and fitness blogger Zanna Van Dijk told The Independent. 

2. Behind the neck pull-downs

"The pre-requisites for this movement are so high, that again, from a risk to reward ratio, this exercise is one to be avoided," personal trainer Verena Stefanie Grotto told The Independent. Grotto advises sticking with normal pull-down variations, instead.

3. Cardio (for weight loss)

This should be a last resort, according to Equinox personal trainer Jonathan Dick. He told The Independent, "What strength training will do for you, that cardio will not, is ramp up your metabolism for up to 36 hours whilst your body uses the protein, vitamins and minerals you have provided it with to repair the muscles after lifting heaving weights."

4. Tricep dips with hands behind you on the bench

Do close-grip pushups or parallel bar dips instead, fitness expert Craig Ballantyne wrote on Men’s Fitness.

5. Jump on concrete surfaces

Ballantyne advises: "There's a reason NBA players don't play games on concrete and why weekend warriors are always hurting themselves playing pick-up ball on asphalt—it's not great for you."

6. Crunches

Healthy lifestyle expert, Danette May, says crunches curl the spine inwards, contracting the rectus abdominis – and since people have a tendency to tuck our chins inwards and arch our backs, this can cause back and neck pain.

7. Sit-ups

May also advises against the simple sit-up, warning that it can create a muscle imbalance and pain, while not actually working our abs at all. 

8. 45-degree leg presses

People often use very heavy weights on the leg press, according to personal trainer Pearla Phillips. But, Phillps warns, this places force on the knees and hips and can cause injuries.

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