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The Healthiest Ways to Get into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis is an aggressive and sudden change you are implementing onto your metabolism. You are changing your body's main fuel, and this sometimes comes with some side effects. However, there are several healthy ways to get into ketosis without having to experience its downsides.

The majority of dieters experience some side effects like insomnia, nausea, digestion issues, loss of appetite, irritability, etc. when they just start their keto diet. They are unpleasant, but they can be avoided, or at least alleviated if you start your diet on the right track.

Make sure to research thoroughly before you start your diet, and your body will thank you later. In meantime, here are some tips on how to get into ketosis in a healthy manner. 

Carb Restriction

The first thing you obviously have to do is reduce your carb intake. You may want to do this gradually in order to avoid getting your metabolism into a state of shock, which is one of the main reasons why the aforementioned side effects happen in the first place. 

Once you cut off your body’s carb supply, your liver will then have to start producing ketones in order to sustain itself and supply you with optimal energy levels.

Your goal is to follow a strict diet plan that will consist of 70 percent fats, 25 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs. Your daily carb intake should not surpass 50 grams of net carbs. 

Increase Protein Intake 

Taking up 25 percent of your diet plan, proteins play an important role in your day-to-day meals. The reason why balanced protein intake is so important is that not all organs and cells in your body can use ketones as their main fuel source. Your red blood cells, kidney, and portions of your brain will still need to get their energy from glucose. Foods with a high protein percentage have lots of amino acids that your liver will then convert into glucose and allow your body the balance it needs.  

Plan an Exercise Regime 

Another great way to get into ketosis is to make sure you exercise more. Physical activity helps you deplete your body of its glycogen stores, which results in your liver having to produce more ketones in order to sustain balanced energy levels. A recent research has shown that people on a ketogenic diet who exercise before their meals can produce up to 314 percent more ketones that people who decide to work out after a meal. 

It can get hard to exercise when you just start off your diet, especially if you’re experiencing keto flu, but there are some low-intensity workouts that will help you get through keto’s side effects more easily. For example, you can take up yoga, jogging or hiking.

You can also use some healthy keto-friendly supplements from Konscious Keto to help improve your physical activity and to provide you with the energy you need. They will also make up for the lack of ketones you will be experiencing when you just start off your diet, making it easier to lose weight and workout. This is one of the healthiest ways to get into ketosis and provoke an optimal ketone production once you just start off your diet. 

Try Fasting to get into ketosis 

Another great healthy way to get into ketosis quickly is to try fasting. Did you know that your body gets into ketosis in between breakfast and dinner? Imagine how fast you could get into ketosis and maintain it if you tried fasting for about 48 hours! Fasting is actually an important part of many cultures, and it is considered to have cleansing features because it helps release harmful toxins from your body.  

Eat Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a must if you’re starting off a ketogenic diet because it has a large amount of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). They are healthy fats that once ingested, your liver will easily turn into ketones, or your metabolism will momentarily use them as a fuel source. Coconut oil will also help you gradually reduce your carb intake, rather than implementing such an aggressive change onto your metabolism when you just start your diet.

These are the healthiest ways to get into ketosis (and the fastest!), and they will help you go through the change of your body’s main fuel source more easily. Keep in mind that getting into ketosis may not be the hardest task in your diet, but staying in it is! But once you plan out your meals and include an exercise regime, you will be able to maintain ketosis easily!


  1. Wow, this article on the healthiest ways to enter ketosis is game-changing! I've been researching the ketogenic diet recently, and these insights are pure gold. The emphasis on whole, nutrient-dense foods is consistent with my approach to wellness. It's not just about losing weight; we also need to nourish our bodies properly. Furthermore, the concept of identify sources of support for own learning and development.. It's more than just making dietary changes; it's a comprehensive approach to self-improvement. This hits home, emphasizing the value of a supportive community in navigating challenges and celebrating successes. Congratulations on incorporating this important aspect!


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