Sunday, August 25, 2013

5 Natural Remedies For Acne

This skin condition is very common during puberty, and may continue into late life for some people. Increasing levels of hormones during adolescence lead to greater activity of the skin´s sebaceous glands, and if this becomes too great, excessive amounts of sebum, the skin´s natural oily lubricant, are produced. This in turn can cause the glands and hair follicles to become blocked and infected. Diet is an important factor in treating acne, and herbal remedies should be aimed at cleansing the whole system as well as the skin.

When acne persists for years after adolescence there may be an abnormal imbalance that needs to be addressed, and again there are natural remedies:

Herbal teas

Drink teas made from detoxifying herbs that will help to reduce inflammation, drink from 3-4 cups during the day of: red clover, nettle, or milk thistle


Instead of using soap, which removes de acid mantle of the skin and thus increases the susceptibility to infection, rinse the face with a herbal infusion, such as red clover, which is an excellent blood and tissue cleanser and has a gentle action.

Dandelion root, taken as a decoction, is helpful in improving the detoxifying action of the liver , which can help to clear the skin, and also has a gentle laxative action taking pressure away from the skin as an organ of elimination.

Echinacea is one of the best all-purpose immune stimulants, aiding resistance to infection. It can be taken in conjunction with the herbal treatments suggested above, to help the detoxification process. It is best taken in the form of a ready-made tincture, following the manufacturer´s directions on dosage. Do not take more than 2-3 weeks at a time and do not resume taking it within a month.

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation
Regular steam inhalations of juniper can help clear blocked pores or blackheads. Add 3-4 drops juniper oil or fresh juniper leaves and berries to a basin of water.

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