Monday, August 12, 2013

8 Unhealthy Foods You May Think are Healthy

This article may help you to be aware that what you think is healthy may be the complete opposite. Here we give you the list of 8 unhealthy foods you may think are healthy.

Pasta: The typical fare you get at the grocery store is practically plain white flour, with water and eggs, this means no minerals, vitamins, fiber or anything your body needs, so you are eating a bowl of shaped pasta as empty calories.

unhealthy food you may think is healthy
White Bread: To put it simply, this is pasta, shaped as bread.

Soup Mix: This can be seen as an artificial mixture filled with salt and preservatives, which are major contributors to heart diseases .

Ketchup: A spoon of ketchup can be synonymous with a spoonful of sugar with a pinch of salt (by pinch I mean less salt than sugar, but still enough to be extremely harmful to your health)

Diet Soda: “Diet” Sodas can be even worse than sugar-filled versions, thanks to the artificial sweeteners they use, like Aspartame, which can increase the risk of certain kinds of cancer, in my opinion stay far away from anything that says “diet” or “light”.

Soy Sauce: It has very high amounts of salt and there are often chemicals known to increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

Salty Peanuts: Nuts themselves are very healthy and packed with many healthy fats, fiber and minerals we need, but these days the majority of peanuts sold as snacks come packed with huge amounts of salt, roasted and often coated in unhealthy fats or sugar.

Fruit juice: Commercial fruit juice is pumped up with extra sugar and the pulp has been removed, which provides the essential fiber (a good counterbalance to all the natural sugar contained in the fruit)


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