Sunday, August 4, 2013

Proper Care Stomach

The Care of Stomach
The stomach has the engine compartment is just the body's fuel. If you do not take care of it, then there comes a time when the whole body is going to have problems.

Fish skin problems, headaches or mood swings may actually involve you not care abdominal properly.There are many ways you can improve this

Today, busy lives that we have little proper eating habits. We ate at a computer, while traveling or reading something while chewing.

Matt Bowline, health consultant specializing in nutritional counseling and stress management prevention, said she has been a regular customer just driving to work, eating breakfast and talking on the phone.

Matt Bowline said that the digestive system is extremely sensitive. When you are stressed, the digestive system will work less well or may stop functioning. It's the body's way to regulate the energy is most needed tasks at that time. Also stop the motion intestinal damage and metabolic processes.

Your brain is programmed to always solve the most pressing problems. If the stress, the digestive stalled.Consequently, the food remains in the stomach, and probably would not be crushed because we often do not chew carefully when we rush. When the food is mixed with saliva as usual and decomposition processes were disturbed .

Signs of excessive stomach
Food in the stomach is broken down by the digestive juices. Along the other elements, and hydrochloric acid into the stomach will work then everything will be put away from the body. All this process will be stopped when you are too tense.

Poor ability to focus is one of the first signs appear when the body is not something it should provide.But heartburn and acid reflux is also a sign that all is not working well.
When the digestive process you can stop cramps in the stomach. You may have constipation or diarrhea. These are all signs that your stomach does not feel right, and you should pay attention to this. By Matt, the toilet is a routine part of the stomach and colon cleanse at least once a day is important in the stomach and the intestines function normally.

Sit back and relax
Eat at fixed times is important but arranged to have a peaceful relaxing meal also equally significant.
Sit down and eat, do not do anything but eat. That is the biggest secret to a healthy stomach: eat slowly.

Food is not easy to digest making you tired and grumpy
Aside from feeling heavy and sore, stomach not properly taken care of, but can bring other problems.The skin problems and eczema usually occurs when there is an imbalance in the intestine. Also the food is not digested, but not crushed meticulous actually be able to get out through the intestinal circulation loop.

Small intestine only thin eyelids. Protein digests can not be leaked out to make the immune system react negatively. This can cause headaches, make you tired and irritable. For women with an unhappy stomach can disrupt hormone cycles, affect mood, blood circulation and health.

Mete conclusion, the stomach is important, extremely important. If you want to take care of your body, then take care of the belly and listen to it.

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