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Jacqueline Fernandez Fitness Secrets To Her Toned Body

jacqueline fernandez diet

jacqueline fernandez diet
Beauty drain from Sri Lanka to India was a boon to Bollywood as it bagged one of the finest actresses into its flock, Jacqueline Fernandez. This Srilankan model has merely completed her 31 revolutions around the sun, but the glow of her beauty and body doesn’t quite hint at her being in the early thirties. That is the charisma of winner of 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant. Jacqueline Fernandez diet plan is gaining a lot of popularity recently as her fabulous figure and beauty has everyone mesmerized.
The ascendance of Jacqueline in Bollywood took her a great deal of toil. Although, her first movie failed to rack up enormous profits, through her next blockbuster ‘Murder 2’ she cemented her position in the Bollywood, whose ephemerality in context to actors and actress is well-known. However, Jacqueline’s leap of success in Bollywood was unstoppable because of her skills, beauty, and fitness.
jacqueline fernandez diet

Moderation and not extremism is Jacqueline’s ‘mantra’

Once overly-thin, Jacqueline is now one of the finely proportionate and toned figures in Bollywood. Ever since her footstep on to the gateway of Bollywood, she has ensured perpetual shape to her body, and owes her body to the diet and workout she sternly follows. Neither does she mete out strenuous injustice to her body nor casual discipline. Like, she never robs away from her body the joy of pizza, but prefers to customize it’s toppings in the healthiest possible manner. Yes, moderation and not extremism is her fitness ‘mantra’.
jacqueline fernandez diet
So, what’s the way to a lean svelte figure like hers’? This simple minded woman has an easy approach to diet. Jacqueline Fernandez diet is as follows :
  • Her mornings begin with a compulsory glass of water blended with honey and lime. Breakfast plate contains nothing beyond boiled eggs, raw fresh fruits and a cup of green tea.
  • Lunch is all about brown rice, lentils and plenty of salad. She is also fond of quinoa and oatmeal soup.
  • Most importantly, she underlines the necessity of an adequate supply of water to human body and does the same, and runs on absolute no-sugar diet. Also, a glass of protein shake after her workout is mandatory for her.

Workout overview

jacqueline fernandez diet
Unlike the current fad, she is not one of the gym fanatics, but strongly believes in the amalgam of various activities, in order to stay fit. She sweats out her body by subjecting it to the mixed formula of all cardio, yoga, martial arts, dance and swimming. Despite Jacqueline Fernandez diet plans, the practice of diverse workout is the enigmatic secret to her toned body.
jacqueline fernandez diet
  • She is an early riser, wakes up 7 in the morning and indulges herself in yoga five days a week. Her yoga kick starts with 20-40 suryanamaskars followed by yogasanas like Sirasana, Utkatasana, Hanumansana and Virkasana. She also lets her body glory in some pranayamas.
  • She savours her body the light weight training exercises too.
  • Dance is the key to her flab-free body.
  • For about 40 minutes, at least thrice a week, she toils herself with running and swimming.

Fitness advice from Jacqueline

jacqueline fernandez diet
  • Your body is supposed to stay hydrated. Never keep it devoid of water.
  • Don’t binge on food, because it’s healthy. Moderate eating is an art.
  • Never over strain your body.
  • Two cups of green tea a day is a premium health privilege your body can have.
  • Run or swim or dance. Each of them builds up your stamina.
  • Yoga is the simplest path to flexible body.


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