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Take Tips from The Fitness Queen and Become Charming Like Yami Gautam

yami gautam fitness regimen
Who does not like the Bengali character in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Vicky Donor’ played by Yami Gautam? She immediately became a heartthrob by adorning sarees and showing her sultry skills on the silver screen. She is a versatile actress and keeps her herself fit by indulging in a healthy routine of proper diets and exercise regimen throughout the day.

yami gautam diet regimen
Her figure in the above-mentioned movie was absolutely stunning. Her dedication towards maintaining a proper statistic was clear to the rest of the world. Her debut in the movie ‘Vicky Donor’, which was encircling on a critical issue regarding social taboos, attracted a lot of attention from the audience and critics. She hails from Himachal Pradesh and said that she likes to eat rice as a staple food yet she managed to maintain her magical figure in the right way. Let’s talk about her routine and dedication to stay fit and sultry.

Yami Gautam fitness regimen

If you have witnessed her appearances, you will surely understand how she maintains her body and suppleness. She is a workaholic and gives her best in every project. Her glowing aura is maintained via the following workout regimen she follows.
  • Jogging
She is a comprehensive jogger. She believes that this exercise involves every single voluntary muscle in her body and it is true. For maintaining a proper body weight, fitness trainers across the world suggest jogging as the ultimate mantra.
She regularly jogs in the morning to keep her mind fresh and body working. She also claims that her jogging keeps her away from tension and stress. In fact, her routine sets of with a good round of jogging in the park where fresh oxygen is available. She imbibes positive energy from the surrounding to keep running and performing throughout the day.
  • Yoga
Needless to say, she is a true believer of Yoga, the natural way to keep you healthy and wise. The diva performs hot yoga. It is a typical type of eastern asana practice that is done in a hot environment. The high temperature triggers profuse sweating which aids in getting rid of the extra pound very easily.
In fact, with the aid of the hot yoga and profuse perspiration, toxins and body wastes are removed properly. She indulges in this exercise to increase endurance too. She suggests starting this regime by doing simple asana first and then moving on to hot yoga postures.
yami gautam fitness refimen
  • TRX training regime
This is where the hardcore physical training advents. She is always in her best shape in the ads and movies. As per her, TRX training is the ideal way to strengthen yourself from the very core and increase your endurance. In fact, this training makes your body extremely flexible and stable. Her fitness trainer uses world-class infrastructure for a TRX suspension regimen to train her and maintain her balance. The best part of the training is that it does not require any heavy machines and can be done alone after mastering the techniques.
Her trainer also indulges in avoiding heavy machines as much as possible. During this training, she goes through various suspension methods to hold her body weight in different postures. It is believed that this training is developed to provide apt strength a person needs to carry his body weight and maintain utmost flexibility.

Yami Gautum diet regimen

The eye-stunner in the movie ‘Badlapur’ also goes through a good regimen of diet as she believes that the body must be supported with good food in order to keep the engine healthy and running.
  • Juices and shakes
She indulges in drinking pomegranate juice every day. According to her, the juice aids in removing the toxins from the body and supply antioxidants to fight aging symptoms. She also adds banana shakes in her diet to add easy carbohydrates that supply energy and can be digested without any hassle.
Pomegranate juice helps her to ward off diseases like cancer by adding antioxidants in the blood stream. She uses this juice for cleansing purpose and to keep her immunity up all the time. In her profession, she cannot lose a single day being sick. Her pressure level and cardiovascular health are well-maintained with the aid of this juice. In fact, the inner cleansing also makes her skin glow.
yami gautam diet plan
  • Protein sources
As per her notion, protein is a must factor in her diet in order to repair damages and make the skin supple. She consumes egg whites and believes more in fish protein than the red meat. She also likes to eat chicken but in a restricted way. She indulges in adding protein sources at least once in her everyday meal.
She prefers to eat fish and egg almost raw or half-cooked but not fried at all. She is well-aware of the harmful effects of the fried foods in the diet. It can easily add up pounds in your weight when consumed regularly. This is why; she prefers to eat half-boiled egg whites but not the yolk and stewed chicken. She also prefers eating soup.
  • Going nuts
She likes to eat almonds. Almonds are a good source of protein and carbohydrates which provide her energy throughout the day. She also prefers almonds to keep her skin glowing and healthy and improve the texture of her luscious hair.
She also claims that eating almonds helps her to fight food cravings. Almonds act as a perfect snack to forget hunger pangs. It is recommended soaking the almonds in water and taking off the skin before eating.
  • Fresh fruits
She prefers salads and fresh fruits a lot. She likes to add energy and give her taste buds a treat. She eats fruits to get a good supply of vitamins naturally.
  • Brown rice
She is a Himachal girl and likes to eat rice. She has switched to brown rice. In fact, she also likes to eat brown bread to add more fibers in the diet.


The fitness secret of Yami Gautam is out. Now you can easily follow your idol to achieve a smothering figure in no time.

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