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Effectiveness of Jeera water to help with Weight Loss

Jeera water for weight loss
Are you worried about your increased weight? Looking for a natural solution? Then jeera water would be the best solution for you. Researchers have shown that jeera water is effective for weight loss. Jeera or cumin seed is one of the most popular spices in Indian cuisine.  This spice adds aroma and taste to various dishes. You will find it easily in any Indian kitchen.  Let us know about the health benefits of this spice.

jeera water for weight loss

Nutritional facts

Jeera seed is an excellent source of antioxidants. This seed is  loaded with carotenes and lutein. This seed contains essential oils like cuminaldehyde (4-isopropylbenzaldehyde), pyrazines, 2-methoxy-3-sec-butylpyrazine, 2-ethoxy-3-isopropylpyrazine, and 2-methoxy-3-methylpyrazine. These oils have several health benefits.  Cumin seed is also a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and B complex vitamins. This seed contains minerals like iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium, selenium.

Jeera water for weight loss

Cumin seeds have several health benefits. Several studies have shown that it’s very effective in weight loss. Regular consumption of Jeera water aids in better digestion.   Consumption of jeera water helps in stimulating enzyme secretion that is responsible for breaking down large molecules into small molecules. This helps to prevent gas and acidity and keeps your weight under control. It’s a good source of dietary fibers. These fibers suppress appetite and keep you full for long time. Jeera water flushes out accumulated toxins from body. Thus helps in reducing weight.
jeera water

Other health benefits

  • Jeera water helps to flash out harmful toxins from our body.
  • It makes your digestive system better.
  • It also used to treat cold symptoms.
  • Magnesium present in jeera water increases muscle strength and promotes better sleep.
  • Potassium present in jeera water removes fatigue.
  • The iron content is high in jeer water. It helps to prevent anaemia.
  • Regular consumption of jeera water improves the immune system and fights against many diseases.
  • Jeera water is helpful for glowing skin.
  • Regular drinking of jeera water rehydrates the body.
  • Daily consumption of jeera water helps in lowering the blood sugar level.

Best ways to consume Jeera water

Jeera water is easy to prepare. Soak jeera seeds in water for overnight and boil it. Filter and cool it down. Then take a glass of jeera water in the morning. You can take jeera water in empty stomach with lemon juice for better results. Drinking three glasses of jeera water thrice in a day is quite effective.
jeera water process

Side-effects of jeera water

Jeera water is not suitable for all. Find out the side-feects of jeera water below.
  • Pregnant lady must consult with the doctor before taking jeera water. Excessive amount may cause miscarriage.
  • Consuming jeera water may slow down blood clotting.
  • Excessive amount of jeera may damage your liver and kidney.
  • If you are allergic to jeera seeds, you must avoid jeera water. Otherwise, it may cause skin rashes.
Now, you have known the health benefits of jeera water. So, losing weight is quite easy. Start consuming jeera water from today and see the difference.

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