Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 unexpected things women find sexy

What do women find sexy? Big biceps? Having an account (what were you thinking?) Well the answers may surprise you...

5 unexpected things women find sexy

Your smell

Yes a nice cologne works wonders, but your body odour can turn her on too. Research shows that a man's natural scent can turn a woman on in a matter of seconds. In fact, scientific experiments have shown that based on the smell of his tshirt alone, a woman can tell if she is attracted to him - without ever even seeing his face.

Your manners

It's a modern world, but old fashioned chivalry is alive and well in the dating and relationship scene. If you are rude or inconsiderate to a waiter on a date, she is likely to think you will be to her too. But if you show lovely manners not just to her, but those around you, she is more likely to drop her guard and let you in because she will consider you a decent guy. And if she drops her guard and warms to you socially, she's more likely to to warm to you in all ways if you follow my drift fellas.

Your feminine side

Does a woman love a hot, hard, chiseled sex machine? Yes! Does she think it's sexy if that macho man gives her a massage, rubs her feet, paints her nails or has a bath with her? Ooooh yes she does. Drop the tough guy vibe sometimes and be tender with her, do touchy feely activities together that pamper her or you both. Indulgence is sexy every once in awhile.

Your secrets

Most women find intimacy sexy. Tell her your secrets, share your heart, reveal your vulnerabilities and she doesn't think you're weak at all - she thinks you're strong, brave and most of all special and very sexy.

Your rhythm

Women love a guy who can dance. Can't dance? Go learn! You don't need to be able to sweep her off her feet, but holding a rhythm and not being shy to slow dance with her in the lounge, or step onto the dance floor with her when you're out on the town is super sexy to a woman whether it's a first date or a tenth anniversary together. Some say dancing is like making love dressed. So if you do it well, some women say there's nothing sexier!

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