Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What women want

James Kerley journeys into the female mind and discusses his survey findings on what women really want 

What women want
Women are a strange lot I discovered. While we’re all worrying about the size of our dicks, there was not even one mention of the one-eyed monster when I asked a whole bunch of women at sexy women’s magazines what they liked and didn’t like about men and sex and all the important things in life. Here are some of the highlights of the survey.

The five things they found most attractive in a man were nothing to do with our bodies, but instead, a generous heart, intelligence, a sense of humour, independent thinking, and kindness.

The three essential elements in a guy were: sense of humour (yes, it really matters, but doesn’t necessarily run to making stupid jokes), good manners and confidence.

As for the actual business of sex, for us it’s sometimes just a great stress release. Sure, it can be for women as well, but they often want a bit of romance and nurturing as well at the same time. If you’re just into stress release and don’t want to take the time and effort to turn your girlfriend on, sex and relationship therapist Pamela Supple suggests you whack off! “If you want a head job or a hand job, you have to expect your girlfriend to want something in return.”

Sometimes, she says, guys just want the physicality of sex, and that can be the same for women. “They can have a good hammering and not worry about orgasm; they like the feeling of it, the rawness of it.” However, she says, she’s had girls come to see her “who’ve picked up a guy, they go to bed, get turned on and the next minute they’re being jackhammered up against the wall, like in a porn movie. There’s a time and a place for every type of sex – jackhammering can be good at the right time, but a lot of women don’t particularly like it.”

While women generally love it that guys enjoy their bodies, what they don’t like is them liking other women’s bodies at the same time. “They don’t want to be out with a guy and have him eye fuck other women,” says Pamela Supple. And don’t think you can do it subtly – women know, she says. “If you’re out with a woman, you’re out with her.” The exception would be if the two of you are checking out other women together as a game: “She’s hot... look at her...” If not, try borrowing your GF’s hair elastic and wear on your wrist. Each time you go to perve...flick it on your wrist. If pain aversion doesn’t work, get yourself a good set of sunnies.

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