Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Exercises to Get Sexy and Toned Legs

When you think about beauty and looks, does your attention automatically moves towards your face? Well, think about your legs that carry you around, day in and day out.

As long as you cover your legs down to your ankles, it would make no difference if they are flabby or not. But, when it comes to sporting short skirts for a summer outing with your fiance or a bikini on your honeymoon, you need to have those slim and toned legs for a smart and gorgeous look. So, let’s take a look at some easy exercises that can help you to attain those sexy legs.

Resistance is best
Strength training or resistance exercises are good for a faster leg toning. Such exercises boost your strength and metabolism very effectively. Usually women steer clear of strength training for the scare of building muscle mass, but if performed properly they can be good for your legs. Resistance exercises help to burn calories, loose body fat, and even help to boost your mood.

Squat and press
Some of the greatest exercises are squats and presses. Do a set of squats for at least 10 minutes a day. For better and speedier results, you may hold dumbbells while doing squats. Squats help you achieve a tighter butt along with slimmer legs.

Lift legs
Thighs are an area where most cellulite tends to accumulate. To attack this area, lie on your back and raise your legs up, one at a time. You can start with a set of 20 leg lifts, followed by 2 repitions every day. You can also do a few sets by lifting both the legs together. This exercise will help to strengthen your leg muscles, as well as burn a really good amount of calories.

Lift off
This is a simple yet effective exercise. Stand straight, lift your heels off the ground while standing on your toes. Lift both the heels at the same time. Hold this position for a few seconds, before bringing the heels down to the ground. Do this exercise for about 10 minutes at a stretch, on a daily basis. This exercise is also known as ballerina move. This is the best exercise for toning up your calf muscles.

Cycling is a very good exercise for your legs. So, take out your cycle and get going! But, if you do not have a cycle then you can also try cycling in air in the comfort of your home. Just lie down on your back and pretend to cycle with your legs in the air. Do this for a few minutes every day. You can also increase the speed according to your strength.

Well, if you don’t feel like doing anything else then just jump. Either do simple jumps for a few minutes or jump using a rope. Skipping helps to tone up the muscles in your legs. This helps to tone your upper as well as lower body. Jumping also helps to tighten up your butt and calf muscles.

Watch what you eat
Keep a careful watch on what you eat. Cut carbohydrates and fats from your diet. Increase proteins and fibres. Keep away from junk food and aerated drinks that are notorious for increasing calories in your body. Well remember, what you eat definitely shows on your skin and body, so steer clear of all unhealthy junk

Word of advice
Finally, remember that toning is not often synonymous with losing weight. Excessive weight loss exercises or crash diet regimes may not lead to shapely legs. It is best to include these easy exercises in your every day routine, along with a proper diet. So, have fun flaunting those beautiful and toned legs!

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