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Pre and Post Nutrition Workouts for Women

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Thriving in your fitness will require you to eat the appropriate types of foods before and after your workout. However, many women do not get the advantage of consulting a professional nutritionist while working out. They end up eating foods that tend to tamper with their progress. Consequently, they receive unsatisfactory results not knowing that the secret lies in the diet. By applying for an E111 European Health Insurance Card, one is able to consult these nutritionists, who advise them on what to take before and after the workouts. Fortunately, we have already done quality research on Pre and Post Nutrition Workouts for Women. Check out the guide and follow it for successful results.

Eating before Workouts

This should be done 40 minutes prior to your workout. It is significantly important since your body needs some extra fuel before getting into intense activity. Even though some experts state that working out on an empty stomach burns more calories. However, research has proven that this is somehow a sugar-coated name for starvation. In fact, it leads to the dangers of ulceration and chronic fatigue. Learned nutritionists recommend eating before workout since it boosts your body to do intense exercises. In turn, this helps you to even shed more weight. Here are the best foods to eat before your workout:  
  • You must be well hydrated since water is involved in breaking down of glycogen
  • Eat fleshy fruits like pineapples and bananas: These have some starch in them which are very insignificant for weight gain. However, they are significant when it comes to provision of energy. Additionally, bananas are a rich source of potassium, which activates the neural system.
  • Use more proteins rather than carbohydrates: The best proteins are almond milk, whey protein powder and grains like hemp seeds and soya beans. With the right type of exercises, proteins will ensure that your lean muscles are well developed leaving you with an attractive and curvy body. 
Eating after Workouts

While working out, the body breaks down most of the glycogen that is stored in your body. The process of breaking down and the reduction of glycogen leave the body to a state of less energy. Just like a vehicle consumes fuel, so the body requires a replacement of this glycogen to indulge in other activities. Trying to starve yourself after workout in order to shed some more weight is the work decision that one can make. Therefore there are certain foods that are recommended by nutritionists, which assist the body to regain the needed amount of energy for the next workout.  
  • Consume a lot of water to replace the moisture that your body loses
  • This time take more carbohydrates than proteins. Though, it is advised that you ingest more brown carbohydrates which have less fat. But consuming a little bit of white carbohydrates will not harm. Examples of brown carbohydrates include brown rice, brown bread and brown porridge, which also have generous quantities of Vitamin K.
We hope that the article has been helpful to you. The above foods are affordable and easy to obtain from your local store. We also recommend that you get an e111 card to obtain more advice from professional nutritionists.

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