Sunday, October 12, 2014

What to Do When Your Child Wets His Bed?

Bedwetting of children aged four is fairly common, about 30 percent of four-year-olds (more boys than girls) still do.
In some children, the nerves that supply the bladder haven’t matured properly yet. When their bladder fills while sleeping, they fail to awaken and end up peeing in bed.
ometimes, bedwetting is a child’s reaction to a stressful event. Usually, time will cure the problem. In the meantime, your child may feel guilty over it. He needs to know he shouldn’t feel that way.
Help him take responsibility though by asking him to do the following:
  • Urinate before going to bed.
  • Mark the wet and dry nights on a calendar.
  • Change clothing and beddings when wet.
Be sure to be supportive of your child’s efforts. Praise him on dry nights.
Or soils himself?
At five, your child should be able to use the toilet by himself. If he still soils himself, however, you should try to determine the cause.
Your child’s resistance to toilet training could be because:
  • He’s scared of using the toilet.
  • He doesn’t like being made to use the toilet (being stubborn)
  • His anus hurts when he moves his bowel.
  • Something else (constipation, congenital anomalies) is bothering him.
Consult a pediatrician with your child’s bedwetting and soiling problems. The pediatrician will be very helpful in prescribing medicines and measure your child manage his toilet solution habits better.
Like with bedwetting, your child mustn’t be blamed for not being able to control his bowel movements. Encourage him instead to be responsible for it.

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