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Easy Weight Loss for Mothers

Author Bio - Article by Sam Socorro, a guest writer from Steam And Shower UK. Sam is a specialist writer and has extensive knowledge in everything related to steam showers, saunas and hydrotherapy benefits.
Forget yummy mummies, in the real world women often put on weight during pregnancy and it can be hard to get it off again when the baby is born.  When you’re breastfeeding you have to ensure that you get enough nutrients for yourself and the baby and hence need to be extremely careful about dieting.  Even after that, one of the realities of parenting that your child’s needs come first, which can make it very difficult for you to find the time you need for your own self-care.  At the same time however, if you’re facing health issues yourself, you’re going to find it more difficult to take care of your child(ren).  Having a healthy body weight is about keeping your body in its best working order, it has nothing to do with trying to look like some Photoshopped supermodel.  It also sets an example to your family that health matters and needs to be treated as a priority in life.  With that in mind, here are 3 top tips to help mums lose weight.

Swap alcohol and comfort food for healthier snacks and non-food treats

A little bit of what you fancy does you good.  It’s fine to have the odd glass of wine and the odd treat like a bar of chocolate.  The problem is that it can be very easy to lose track of these treats to the point where your diet becomes a whole lot less healthy (and more calorie-filled) than your three main meals would suggest.  It’s all well and good to say stop snacking and stop eating junk food, but in the real world it can actually be beneficial to top up between meals and junk food can be a moment of comfort in a busy and stressful day.  For weight loss (and all-round) health, you need to learn to be honest with yourself about when you need a snack (because you actually are hungry between meals) and when you just want a little “me moment”.  For the former occasions, make sure you keep some healthy and filling snacks about you at all times.  For the latter, change to non-food treats, such as your favourite beauty products.  Keep a stock in your house and carry some in your bag, so you can have that pause for breathing space when you need it.

Slow down your food

The microwave has become a staple of the modern kitchen and with it has come microwave meals and the idea the putting food together is often a race against the clock.  There is a certain element of truth in this.  There are times when we’re hungry right now and need hot food quickly.  With proper planning, however, these times should be the exception rather than the rule.  Cooking slowly takes more planning, particularly if you’re doing it from scratch, but it can be fitted into modern lifestyles, especially if you invest in a slow cooker.  Prepare your meal, set the timer to come on while you’re out and come home to a delicious, hot meal.  As an added bonus, slow cookers are perfect for making the most of budget ingredients such as cheaper cuts of meat and root vegetables.  Slow down your eating too, give your eyes and brain time to digest the fact that you’ve eaten a filling meal.

Soak up some heat

It’s not your imagination, heat really is good for your body.  It encourages your muscles to relax, which influences how you feel.  You’ve probably heard the expression “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, well having a relaxed body helps to create a relaxed state of mind.  That relieves stress and makes you less prone to reach for those treat foods which are so full of empty calories.  Heat also stimulates the body, gently, making it work faster and hence use up more calories.  There are two main ways heat is used for health purposes.  One is saunas, which are dry heat and the other is steam rooms, which are wet heat.  Which one you choose is a matter of preference, although it can be worth remembering that steam is a great cleanser, both internally and externally, in particular it can get into the lungs and clear out the respiratory tracks.  Hence, if you want the ultimate deep clean for your body, as well as to de-stress and get your body’s systems moving again, steam could well be your best option.
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