Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Vitamins and Minerals to Support Healthy Teeth

We all know the mantra of every family dentist – brush regularly between meals and floss regularly. However, this advice does not tell the entire story or completely address the complexity of maintaining healthy teeth. Keeping your teeth healthy depends not just on following your dentist advice about how to clean them after eating, it also depends upon nutrition. Here are some nutrients that give your teeth the support they need to last you a lifetime.

Calcium: This mineral is found in your bones and especially in your jawbone. Jawbone weakness caused by a calcium deficiency loosens teeth. Foods high in calcium include milk, cheese, broccoli and canned fish with their bones (such as salmon).

Vitamin D: This vitamin helps the body to absorb calcium. Foods that are high in Vitamin D include fatty fish, like salmon or mackerel, cheese and egg yolks. It and calcium are two nutrients believed to help prevent osteoporosis.

Omega-3 fatty acids: These have the effect of helping to reduce the chances of gum inflammation. Foods that are high in these acids include oysters, salmon, sardines and certain other sea foods.

Vitamin C: Back in days of the old sailing vessels, sailors were plagued by a gum disease called scurvy which causes the gums to bleed. Scurvy is prevented by sufficient amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C also strengthens collagen.

Other vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining healthy teeth include Vitamin A and coenzyme Q10. At Family Dental Health Plans we know that diet and smart brushing habits can help support healthy teeth and gums. Our site can put you in contact with Ameriplan dental providers who can give you more tips on how to keep your teeth healthy. Not only that, but Ameriplan providers are affordable, local and knowledgeable.

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