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Title: 7 Tips For Treating Lower Back Pain

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Summary: Tips for treating lower back pain should be known if you want to relieve your lower back pain and prevent it from returning in the future.

Lower back pain can range from mild to very severe and it depends on the state of overall health, its underlying causes and low long it has been untreated. Experts state that some common risk factors for lower back pain are family history of lower back pain, using tobacco, being obese or overweight, being anxious or depressed, being female and doing too much physical job or having a sedentary lifestyle. In this article, I will reveal some of the best home treatments that will help you treat lower back pain naturally and effectively. 

Tips For Treating Lower Back Pain – List Of The Most Effective Methods And Natural Treatments:

1. Chiropractic Care Adjustments And Other Postural Treatments
Following regular chiropractic care adjustments have been proven to be effective in providing you with a lower back pain relief, especially when you combine with other natural treatments like physical therapy, exercise, soft tissue therapies or massage therapy. 

2. Full-Body Exercises
Doing exercises regularly, including doing both cardio exercises and strength training, can help you relieve your lower back pain by increasing flexibility, maintaining a healthy weight, improving posture, reducing inflammation and reducing muscular weakness. The best exercises for strengthening your core, preventing lower back pain and providing a back pain relief are cat and the cow, planks, V-ups, rows and swimmers. 

Some tips for relieving lower back pain from exercises are:
ŸGradually start any new strength-training program

ŸWarm up before starting a workout

ŸLearn about a proper posture, especially when squatting, climbing and lifting heavy objects

ŸWear supportive sneakers

ŸAvoid sitting too much during the day

ŸHave enough rest between workouts so that your body can recover properly

You may want to try doing yoga for a lower back pain relief. A study found that people with lower back pain who completed a 3-month yoga program experienced a better improvement and reduced back pain compared to those who did not. Besides, there is evidence that mindfulness meditation can also help you treat chronic lower back pain more efficiently. 

3. Soft Tissue Therapies
Soft tissue therapies, including Graston technique, active release technique or massages, may help you treat short and long-term back pain without using drugs or when combined with medications. Soft tissue therapies can support you to treat underlying causes of lower back pain, such as muscular compensations and poor posture. These home remedies can aid to ‘turn on’ muscles that have been damaged due to your past injuries and thus eliminating added stress on your parts of the back. 

4. Have A Diet High In Collagen
If you want to improve your joint and muscular health, lower inflammation and prevent future back pains, having a healthy and anti-inflammatory diet is essential. Eat more of the following foods to help in relieving your lower back pain.

Ÿ Fiber-rich foods: a diet contains fiber may help you overcome constipation, which can make your lower back pain worse. So, add plenty of vegetables and fruits that have high content of fiber and other nutrients to your diet for good. 

Ÿ Potassium-rich foods:  Potassium helps reduce swelling, so you should eat potassium-rich foods such as green leafy greens, bananas, avocados, coconut water and dairy products. 

ŸOmega-3 fatty acids- rich foods: Oily fish and flaxseed are rich in omega-3 fats, which can reduce inflammation and back pain.

Ÿ Lean protein foods: You should choose grass-fed lean meats and pasture-raised chicken to provide you with enough protein in order to keep muscle and bone healthy. Other protein forces are fish, cage-free eggs, bone broth, unprocessed protein powders, legumes and beans.

ŸWater: You should drink plenty of water to prevent muscle spasms and improve digestion. Drinking at least 8 cups of water daily can help you relieve your lower back pain.

Addition to this, you should cut back on the following foods: added sugar beverages or snacks, refined grain products, refined vegetable oils, too much tobacco products and alcohol. 

5. Take Supplements To Reduce Back Pain
You can consider taking supplements if you are trying to reduce inflammation and pain naturally. Some of supplements include:

Ÿ Fish oil (2,000mg a day): People who suffer from back pain need higher content of omega-3 fatty acids in order to reduce inflammation. 

ŸProteolytic enzymes (500mg 3 times a day): They are found in pineapple and are natural anti-inflammatory properties that help you reduce swelling. 

ŸTurmeric (1,000mg a day): Turmeric has curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory powers and helps reduce swelling.

ŸMSM (2,000-8000mg a day): It is known as an anti-inflammatory supplement that helps reduce muscle spasms. 

ŸMagnesium: (400-500mg a day): It is called the ‘relaxation mineral’ due to its effects on relaxing muscles and reducing stress. 

ŸEssential oils: Wintergreen and peppermint oil are effective in cooling inflamed joints and reducing back pain. You can also consider mixing these essential oils with coconut oil and then apply the mixture onto your joints. Besides, cypress and frankincense oil can help improve circulation and reduce inflammation, thus improving back pain. 

ŸCapsaicin cream: It can be used on the skin in order to temporarily reduce chemicals that may lead to pain and inflammation. 

6. Go Cold And Hot
When it comes to knowing how to treat lower back pain, you should not skip out hot and cold therapies. Ice works as a pain reliever. It temporarily blocks the signals of back pain and reduces swelling. Follow this treatment several times a day to get the best result. Simply, you place an ice pack rapped in a clean towel on your painful back area for about 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a bag packed with frozen corn or peas. 

During the first few days of doing this treatment, you use the ice pack as regularly as required. Later, you can continue to use ice pack after doing exercises or doing physical activities. 

After about 2 days, you turn to moist heat in order to boost blood flow and relieve painful spasms. You place a clean towel in very warm water, take out the excess water and then  fold it. Lie on the stomach with some pillows under your ankles and hips. Then, you place this warm towel across your painful back area, cover it with plastic wrap and then place a heating pad on the plastic. Allow it to sit on the painful area for up to 20 minutes. Repeat this process 3- 4 times daily for a couple of days. 

7. Perfect Your Posture
You have to find a posture that causes the least stress on your back. Stand straight with your weight balanced on both of your feet. Then, you tilt the pelvis forward and back, and then exaggerate the movement. Choose the position that you feel most comfortable and least stressful. Maintain this position when you are walking, standing and starting or finishing any exercise. 

I hope that this article about tips for treating lower back pain will really help you relieve and prevent your lower back pain in the future. Follow 7 tips mentioned above as soon as possible to notice a significant improvement in your overall health for good! One more thing, do not forget to leave your comments below if you have any idea or simply questions about the content of this writing. 

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